Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of the year, making it the perfect season to replicate within your home. Be inspired by the best parts of the autumn season and brighten up your home by bringing a touch of the outside, inside!

How to bring a touch of autumn into your home this season

Bring the outdoors, indoors by taking inspiration from nature

Autumn is one of the most strikingly beautiful seasons when it comes to nature, so why not be inspired by the outdoors and add some seasonal flowers and plants to your home? At this time of year orange marigolds, pink Chrysanthemums or auburn foliage is a perfect choice. Not only will having these on display make your house look and smell beautiful, but it’ll also make you feel good too as being surrounded by plants and nature is proven to have a positive impact on our wellbeing.

If you’d prefer not to have live plants, wall art is another fantastic option. A picturesque print can look stunning on display in the form of wall art. Whatever your preference, bringing a touch of nature into your home will help add to the warm and cosy vibe of the autumn season. Alongside seasonal flowers, plants, home decor and wall art – I do love to pot pourri, this is something we used to do growing up – leave bowls of seasonal scented pot pourri around the house.

Wilko Warm Vanilla Pod Pot Pourri
Wilko Warm Vanilla Pod Pot Pourri

Make the most of striking colours

One of the best things about autumn is the eye-catching and bold colours that come with it. You only need to look outside and you’ll be greeted by beautiful red, orange and yellow tones that instantly make you feel warm and cosy, so why not bring these colours inside? Wall art is a really great way to experiment with this trend and add a pop of colour to your home.

Choose from canvas, aluminium, framed or acrylic prints – whatever suits your style. To really play on the season, why not opt for a wood print to give your home that earthy feel that naturally comes with autumn? It’s a unique way to capture the best of this time of year. Adding a bold coloured print to your home will instantly brighten up your walls and add a touch of the season to any room in your home.

Celebrate the season

There are so many wonderful things about this time of year that can provide the perfect inspiration for your home decor.

Wilko Humus New Faux Mongolain Cushion
Wilko Humus New Faux Mongolian Cushion

Why not take a family trip to pick your own pumpkin patch and incorporate a variety of pumpkins, in various shapes and sizes, into your hallway or at your front door to add striking colour to your home. Or, feel inspired by Bonfire Night and add twinkly sparkling lights to your staircase or around a fireplace and light loads of candles! Celebrating the season is an instant way to add a cosy touch to your home.

Wilko Hammered Brass Candle with Lid
Wilko Hammered Brass Candle with Lid

Make the most of treasured memories

Looking back at our treasured memories and favourite moments with those who mean the most makes us instantly feel happier. It allows us to be transported back to some of our happiest memories and reminds us of how we felt, what we could see and who we cherished those moments with. Because of this, making the most of your favourite autumnal snaps is the perfect way to bring the season into your home!

Whether it’s photos of your dog in the great outdoors surrounded by autumnal leaves or a family photo shoot wearing your cosiest hats and scarves – showcasing these photos in your home will instantly transport you back to those moments and will make your home feel that bit more autumnal. They’re also sure to put a smile on your face each time you see them!

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