If you’re moving into a new home or you’ve decided to do a home renovation project, one of the small yet key details of your home that you might want to pay more attention to is the house number.

While it may seem like such a little thing, choosing how to show your house number can be a complicated matter; it’s most complicated when it comes to choosing between using address numbers or an address plaque. With each option having its advantages and disadvantages, it’s crucial to be careful with this choice, as the option you pick will probably be on your walls for many years to come.

Choosing Between Address Numbers vs Address Plaque

Why do you need to get your house number installed on the wall

The house number is a very small detail on the exterior of your home. But, you need it to be visible enough due to these reasons:

  • Emergencies – Imagine you called for an ambulance for an emergency at your home. You already gave your address, but for some reason, the ambulance is going around the street without stopping at your house. Well, it may be because your house number isn’t visible enough.
  • Deliveries – Most businesses today have an e-commerce platform that allows you to get their goods delivered straight to your door. To make sure you receive your things in time, having your house number clearly shown outside can help the delivery staff find your home. It’s because there are many times that couriers struggle to deliver parcels because of difficulties finding the destination.
  • Visitors – If you’re expecting visitors, you need to have your house number clearly visible to make it easier for them to arrive on time and be at your home right when you need them to be there.
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Address Numbers

Address numbers are separate numbers that you can attach to your house’s exterior. These numbers are separate units, which means you’d have to pay for each number. For example, if your house number is 1033, you’d have to pay for four numbers.

While the concept is pretty straightforward, address numbers can come in a variety of designs. May it be the colour, font, or size you want to change, address numbers are fairly customizable.

Furthermore, house numbers allow for better personalization for the arrangement of the numbers. With house plaques, once done, there’s no changing the design. With house numbers, you can install them in various ways, such as horizontal and vertical. Some even like to install them in a staggered formation. You can also change the spacing between digits to as much as you want. If it turns out you don’t like the way you installed your address numbers, you can always change it because it’s only attached by screws, giving you great customization options in the long run.

One of the main reasons why people like address numbers is also the fact that they are more affordable than address plaques. Even if your house number is long, such as those with 5 digits, it’s usually still cheaper than getting an address plaque, especially when the plaque you’re considering is above the entry-level pricing.

The disadvantage of using house numbers is that they can be a hassle to install. Since they are separate units, you’d have to install each digit one by bone. Regarding the installation, usually, house numbers are kept on the wall by two screws. While it’s not that difficult, it’s still a hassle, especially if you have a long house number.

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Address Plaques

An address plaque contains your house number written on a single reflective surface. It means everything is already on one surface, lessening the effort you need to exert during installation. With most address plaques only needing two screws to be installed, it’s as easy as installing a single address number, except you can install everything in one go. If you own multi-housing units or apartment complexes, it’s much more convenient to use address plaques.

Address plaques are very aesthetic, especially when you get one with the right materials and design that fits your house. Whether it’s temporary or traditional designs, you can find them in different variations. If you’re looking to have your house number on your mailbox, using an address plaque is a much better option than screwing address numbers into the mailbox. It usually also looks great on the porch.

Furthermore, while address numbers come with many customization features, most address plaques look great because the material used on the surface and for the print is usually high-quality, especially when you get slate house signs, which uses slate, one of the best materials used for address plaques. When compared to address numbers, address plaques are much more visually appealing.

If you’re going to get address plaques, make sure to keep the colour of your wall in mind, as it has to be a different colour to the one on the plaque for the two to have good contrast and blending.

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To get the best house sign, it’s crucial to make sure that it’s made of high-quality materials that will last long amidst the changing weather conditions. Also, while any house sign will serve its purpose, of course, it provides a better impression on you if your house sign has a good aesthetic fit with your home. If you’re looking for a house sign that’s always aesthetically pleasing, slate house signs can provide an elegant touch to your home.