When you move house, you start afresh with your interior design. You walk into what is typically an empty shell, clean it up, repaint it, and then put your own furniture inside. Easy and simple enough, right?

However, a lot of people can be left feeling like this isn’t enough. What was once someone else’s home doesn’t suddenly feel like your own home, even though your name is on the deed.

That’s why a unique stamp of your own taste and personality is essential. After moving in you decorate to your heart’s content, but make sure that when you’re done, the space feels like it’s really yours.

Putting Your Unique Stamp On A Home You've Just Moved Into

Go Furniture Shopping

If you want your new home to feel like yours ASAP, there’s no point moving in furniture that you don’t like and wish you could be rid of. You need to be both looking at and using pieces that feel like you, in colours and textures you really enjoy!

So use this time to go furniture shopping and pick up some new items that you can actually fall in love with. Mix both contemporary and vintage here, and don’t just shop at IKEA the whole time! Give yourself a little bit of choice! Put a unique stamp on the things you can use in your home and every time you open the door you’ll feel like you’re in the right place.

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Lay New Flooring

New flooring goes a long way to making a house look more like a home. Whatever it is you want to put down, such as laminate flooring or even a bit of fluffy carpet, make sure it’s in the colour and texture you really want. If the floor feels good against your toes, you’re going to feel ten times more comfortable living there!

You can also use this time to tidy up the edges around the floor. Skirting boards can be overlooked in the house design process, but if you make time to gloss them over or paint them a new and fun colour, you’re going to have a little extra uniqueness in the four walls around you.

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Make Some Unique Art

Do you consider yourself to be an artistic person? Even if you don’t, you can make a bit of your own art to hang up on the walls! After all, all you really need here is a canvas, some paint, and something to hang the finished piece up with. And if there’s a unique piece that’s come straight out of your own mind on the wall, you’re really going to have a unique space that’s entirely designed towards you!

Do you feel like your new home is a bit stale, listless, and has little to none of your own energy? Then get to work on the tips above! You deserve to move into a house that feels and looks like you, and the sooner you feel settled there, the happier you’re going to be about your decision to move in.

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