You might associate a concrete floor with the base layer of an office, warehouse or factory space, but in actuality, we’re seeing more and more individuals opt for concrete flooring in their driveways and inside their homes in the modern era. What used to be seen as a material for industry and all things outside of the home, we’re now welcoming the wonderful world of concrete flooring into our homes in such a way as to make it one of the most fashionable interior design trends of 2019. This article explains why this situation has come about.

Concrete Floors

Minimalist Designs

Most homes built in the modern era are being made to the standard of a minimalist abode. This should not surprise us – minimalism is clean, tidy, efficient, and calming: many of the qualities that we value in our personal space. Often carpets, and tiled or panelled flooring can feel too busy for such a design ethos, but a plain, flat and uniform base layer in the form of a concrete flooring solution is perfect for accentuating that minimalist ethos. This will help you build from the floor up in your own minimalist designs that will breed a sense of calm and uniformity in your interior spaces.

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One of the reasons why concrete is currently enjoying a renaissance in popularity is that it’s not simply a one-look material. That’s what many people think: that concrete is a pour-and-set material that leaves you with a standard finish that will be indistinguishable from the rest of the world’s concrete structures and flooring. This belief couldn’t be further from the truth: there are, in fact, a wide variety of colours, textures and finished to a concrete floor that enables multiple different experiences of the same material – and all of them to a high standard.

Industrial Chic

There is no doubt that one of the rising interior design trends in the modern era is the industrial-chic mission to combine the old industrial world with the current digital one. As the fourth industrial revolution becomes more intertwined with our lives – and our fortunes, social lives, and work endeavours – there’s some nostalgia for a simpler time in which the machines that ran our world were large, lumbering and tangible. That’s why industrial chic has come about – and it’s in a love affair with the most industrial of floors, our old friend concrete.

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There is another important reason why the industrial chic look is growing in popularity with regard to concrete floors. In just the same way as concrete flooring was popular in the industrial units of the past – due to durability and reliability – people are enjoying the material in their own homes for quite the same reason. Concrete is incredibly easy to wash and forms a wonderful surface on which to move furniture and equipment around. It’s also good at retaining heat or cool– great for temperature regulation wherever your home may be located and reducing carbon reductions through less energy consumption, something which can be described as operational carbon reduction.

The rise of concrete in our homes is a testament to the durability and versatility of one of the most reliable materials – and you should consider placing it in your home, given the details provided above.

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