The experts at PlumbNation have revealed the best ways to keep cool in your home this summer, as well as top tips on getting a great night’s sleep in the sweltering heat.

5 insider tips for staying cool in a heatwave


Keep your curtains closed and windows shut… Keeping the sun’s heat out of your home is key to keeping it nice and cool, this is why you always see shutters on homes in warmer countries. Keeping your curtains closed helps stop the sun from heating up your house! It’s also important to keep your windows closed when it’s cooler inside than out!

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If you are more into blinds instead of curtains, invest in solar screens like Custom Textilene® 80% Solar Screens, they reduce the heat load coming through the windows, lowers your cooling bill AND in addition to energy savings, solar screens block much of the ultraviolet radiation that causes fading and damage to textiles. Solar window screens also reduce glare, thus making reading or watching television more enjoyable.


Take a cool shower and keep hydrated… Taking a cool or tepid shower especially later on in the day will help bring your body temperature down, which can help you sleep at night. It’s also really important to stay hydrated to prevent dehydration and keep your body cool. Your body also loses electrolytes through sweating so think about drinking fluids such as fruit juice to help replenish your body.

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Don’t use your heated and electric appliances… Having your oven turned on increases the temperature of your kitchen which can heat up the rest of your house. Why not get the BBQ out instead and cook outside! Light bulbs and plugged in appliances also generate heat, so it is best to keep these unplugged and turned off when not using – this will not only help keep your home cool but will also save you some money too!

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Use an ice fan or ice water bottle… Putting ice into a bowl in front of a fan will blow cold air throughout the room bringing the temperature down. Another great trick is using an ice water bottle and popping it into your bed to keep it cool! Alternatively change your bedsheets to cotton or linen, as this can help lower your body temperature as the material breathes easier.

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Sleep downstairs… As heat rises throughout the home during the day, by the evening your bedrooms upstairs can become rather unpleasant, you could try sleeping downstairs if you are really struggling, or even try moving your mattress onto the floor.

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Heating expert, Jordan Chance from PlumbNation said:

“During the summer months, especially during a heatwave, our homes can become incredibly warm, especially in any south-facing rooms that often feel like suns traps. There are many small adjustments we can make within our homes to keep cooler whilst temperatures rise.

“It is important to try and keep that lovely cool air in the home to stop the temperature from rising too much, so anything that omits heat is a big no, no.

“Using cool water in your bathroom to cool down is also a great way to bring your body temperature down, whether that be splashing cool water on yourself or having a cooler shower to feel really refreshed.”

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