Keep Cool this Summer

Is that sticky summer heat starting to get to you?

Though the UK can be rather dismal in terms of weather for what seems like the entire year, the summer’s hot and humid toll still manages to sneak up on us. Before you know it, nights that were previously spent with the heat blasting from the furnace, are now passed trying to crack the window another inch wider, aching for a breeze.

With the way that old buildings and homes trap the heat in, it can often feel as though there’s no escape. You probably ask yourself how much longer this heat will endure – but experts are saying you shouldn’t have to.

Many people think of ceiling fans as being energy efficient, but ineffective. However, that’s simply not the case. Not only are ceiling fans one of the most environmentally friendly ventilation options on the market, but they’ve also been proven to be highly effective. In a study at one of Germany’s most prestigious universities, the KarlsruheInstitute of Technology (KIT), researchers found that participants noticed themselves to be considerably more comfortable with the ceiling fan in working condition.

This was tested by having the participants switch the fan ‘on’ everyday, but then redirecting the airflow on some days. The results showed that the participants only felt at their most comfortable when the ceiling fan’s output was not being redirected. Essentially, this proves just how effective a ceiling fan can be, not only for ventilation and air flow, but also for keeping cool and comfortable in the heat.

If you need that extra little power push to keep the temperature down, then a portable air conditioner might be a superb option for you. Miles better than a fan, and less intrusive than a window unit, portable air conditioners can be used anywhere you like. That means you’d need just a single one to service your entire home, as you can move it around with you. What’s more, when you have company over, you can easily store it away in the way that you would never be able to with a window unit.

One of the main issues with trying to find the fan or air conditioner that works best for your situation is that it’s difficult to know how to effectively size them. This can often take doing some math and a bit of guess work. However, electrical wholesaler have created a Ventilation Guide to help you avoid any ill-fated estimations. With the guide you can see exactly what you’ll need based on the size of the room, and can put any fears aside about getting the wrong product.

Don’t suffer any longer, do your health and home a favour and keep yourself calm, cool, and collected throughout the summer.