It is coming up to the summer season and it is the perfect time to think about how you can be a part of the summer trends. Changing the floor or renovating the floor in your house is a perfect way to refresh a rooms appearance as well as joining the summer trends. So, what are the summer flooring trends of 2017? 

One of the most popular flooring finishes entering the summer is Brushed and Oiled solid and engineered wood flooring. Brushed and oiled flooring is created by treating the surface of the boards with a wire brush, allowing older wood to surface. The oil is then applied after the brushing process to protect the boards and enhance the appearance. Planks will feel textured as the natural character of wood is allowed to be exposed, increasing the warmth of any indoor environment. The oil will need coating again throughout time which will allow you to change the shade of the floor in the future.

The next trend entering summer 2017 is Grey Tiles. Whether it’s a vinyl tile or a porcelain floor tile. A grey floor is popular in a variety of colours from a dark matt grey to a lighter reflective grey. A dark matt grey will absorb all the light and works perfectly with brighter room accessories to create a modern appearance. A lighter grey will bring the great outdoors inside with many vinyl tiles replicating the aesthetics of stone.

In the summer, many take the time to experiment with many aspects of their home and experimenting with your floor can also be fun. Many floors come in a variety of finishes, however there is only one type of flooring that allows you to experiment with the pattern created. Parquet floors come in either herringbone or chevron, however herringbone allows more patterns to be created. The options of patterns you can create are endless therefore it is important to know the pattern you would like to create from the outset. The classical yet modern appearance create from the patterns are unable to be replicated by any other flooring products.

The topic of climate control has really made people think when purchasing real wood floors and has therefore increased the popularity of eco-friendly products such as bamboo and cork. As well as being eco-friendly, cork also has many benefits including the fact it does not absorb dust, keeping the house clean and tidy. Bamboo is classed as a grass meaning it only takes a few years to grow allowing it to be quickly restored. Bamboo is an explosion of colour variation and is available in multiple styles, making your floor unique and fascinating for guests.

So there you have it, just a couple of the trends taking the flooring world by storm this summer, keep an eye out for them and many more!