If you are looking to renovate and decorate it’s best to start with the kitchen and bathrooms, as they have a huge impact on resale value. A modern interior can attract buyers and add value to your property based on the luxuriousness and practicality of the space. Opulent spa-grade bathrooms have seen an increase in demand; decorated with high-quality fixtures, well-positioned mirrors and radiant lighting. Lusso’s selection of tapware, stone basins and freestanding baths mirror the world’s most luxurious hotels and will significantly increase the value and desirability of a property. Where a bathroom is positioned in a house can significantly affect the value of a property by as much as £20,000, according to a new study. Research estimates almost 84% of people said they would pay more for a property if the bathroom was modernised or refurbished very recently, and on average, they would offer an additional £3,795.66.

Luxury lifestyle and homeware brand, Lusso, have put together a selection of decorating tips that will increase the desire for your property and interior trends for the new Spring season.


Colour scheme

A great way to start decorating is by setting your colour scheme, a simple change that can give a renewed sense of excitement. White and back interiors create a minimal palette that makes a base for any colour scheme. These simplistic tones can be blended with colourful decor and accessories or maintain a clean, minimal theme using white and black shades throughout the home.

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Accessorise wisely

Accessories are an important part of an interior, as they add the luxury finishing touch and a sense of personality. Less is more when it comes to accessorising, embracing negative space will draw more attention to accessories that you love. Indoor plants beautifully enhance the home and are perfect for a contemporary, Japandi style. Coffee table books are the perfect way to show off your personality and create an aesthetically pleasing statement that infuses ultimate luxe. Soaps and shower gels can be displayed in luxury dispensers and holders to create a clean aesthetic. Elevate the look further with a Lusso bath caddy that elegantly holds bathroom essentials. The collection of accessories from Lusso includes towel rails, storage baskets, and mirrors that add a luxury touch.

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Enhance focal points

Take your interior from simple to striking with one focal statement. A bold basin enhances the space of a bathroom and takes the centre spotlight, whether it be curved, oval or cubed shape. Lusso’s Pietra marble basins are sourced from around the world, the beautiful stone creates a dramatic statement that mirrors the grandeur of the world’s most luxurious hotels. Maximise the space with a statement mirror, round silhouettes are contemporary and striking. They can make a beautiful projection enhanced by radiant lighting and can also highlight a beautiful basin.

How to Create a Focal Point in Your Room’s Interior Design
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Finish with brass accents

Once your decorating is complete, finish the look with hints of brass accents. Brassware adds the luxury finishing touch to the decor, whether it be taps, showers, towel rails, and other accessories. Gold and chrome accents are the epitome of luxury whereas matte black and matte white create a clean, contemporary aesthetic.

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Top 5 Interior Trends for Spring

  1. Biophilic design – Connect your space to nature by maximising natural light and ventilation into the home, with floor to ceiling windows and indoor house plants.
  2. A pop of green – The go-to colour trend for spring/summer 2022, green adds a fresh and natural touch to the home. It beautifully reflects the new season and harmonizes with nature creating a relaxed ambience.
  3. Cocooning curves – Perfect for a relaxed interior and comfortable lifestyle, curves and round silhouettes can be incorporated through freestanding baths, basins and sofas.
  4. Open-plan spaces – Maximising space in the home creates an open, airy ambience that allows more space and freedom and to spend more quality time with family.
  5. Organic textures – Natural materials such as wood, bamboo, linen and stone add warmth, softness and comfort to an interior.
2022 Bathroom Trends by Lusso Stone
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Lusso’s designs consist of luxury stone basins, freestanding baths, vanity units, brassware and accessories that instantly elevate a home. Browse the signature collections here.