Following on from a year that saw homeowners investing more than ever before into their properties, luxury interiors brand Lusso Stone has identified key trends that are expected to emerge throughout 2022. Lusso Stone founder, Wayne Spriggs shares his trend predictions and expert advice for curating a luxury hotel feeling while in the comfort of your own home.

2022 Bathroom Trends by Lusso Stone


Neutral tones

“As we associate bathrooms with cleanliness, freshness, and relaxation, the most popular colour schemes tend to reflect these qualities which is why crisp whites and warm off-whites are enduringly favoured in many homes, along with neutral shades such as soft grey and stone. While we expect to see darker and more dramatic palettes in design-focused properties, in everyday homes these lighter shades offer more practicality and versatility and can help to increase the sense of space.

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Seascape hues

“Natural tones reminiscent of seascapes are also often found in bathrooms as they’re usually quite grounding, creating a sense of tranquillity that many homeowners are looking for in their own private spas, and that’s set to continue as varied hues of blue and green are anticipated to be the most popular paint choices throughout next year.

“When recently announcing the ‘colour of the year’ for 2022, Dulux has opted for Bright Skies – an airy and fresh tone, Graham & Brown has selected Breathe – a tranquil blue, and Benjamin Moore has chosen October Mist – a gentle shade of sage green. Farrow & Ball has also included Breakfast Room Green and Stone Blue in its top five colour trends for next year, and Google searches for ‘blue bathroom paint’ have increased by over 60% during the last 12 months.”

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On-trend bathroom items

Freestanding baths

“Freestanding baths are synonymous with wellbeing and luxury, and one of the changes that resulted from a global pandemic is a greater focus on the importance of self-care. People are looking for improved ways to relax in their own homes and gain more enjoyment from their living spaces, which means Google searches for luxury items such as large freestanding baths have increased by 400% in the UK over the last 12 months. Throughout 2021, we’ve received more orders for freestanding baths than ever before, with sales increasing by almost 50% compared to the previous year.”

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“Rising concern for our environment means that sustainable design has become more important than ever before, so today’s consumers are looking for intelligent product solutions that offer improved efficiency and longevity. As a result, there’s a clear increase in demand for homewares, fixtures and fittings that combine timeless design with durability, and this inspired the creation of our Lusso Stone collection which exclusively features flawless baths and basins made from natural stone.

“Stone baths offer incredible heat retention – particularly when compared to acrylic or fibreglass tubs – and they’re made from limestone which is an abundant resource. Unlike plastic baths which usually end up in landfills after just 10-12 years, all of the baths that we provide at Lusso also come with a lifetime guarantee. Over the last two years, our sales of stone baths have increased by an impressive 118%, and we’re confident that this trend will continue.”

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Art Deco

“Following our newly added Deco collection on our online store, we’re anticipating that we’ll quickly see a rising number of sales for key items in the range which includes a wide number of vanity units, baths, showers, brassware and accessories, all inspired by the iconic Art Deco movement. Although not available until early next year, the cast iron baths featured within the collection are expected to be particularly popular, thanks to their timeless elegance and period details such as claw feet with striking geometric detailing.

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“Minimalism remains to be one of the more popular interior design styles because it’s often more practical in smaller spaces and more importantly, it reflects the cleanliness and freshness that we like to associate with bathrooms. Sometimes confused with starkness, minimalism simply means paring down a design or decor to create a visual statement, with attention being placed on clean lines, basic geometric forms and key furniture pieces or architectural features. When done well, it’s extremely effective and ideal within a bathroom space.

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“Marble has been associated with bathrooms for centuries – it was famously favoured by the ancient Greeks and Romans to create luxurious bathing areas – and in more recent years there’s certainly been an increase in demand for the quarried stone. We launched our Pietra collection in early 2021, which features baths and basins exclusively carved from marble, and the range has been incredibly well-received.

“We’ve also found that in addition to the classic white and grey pattern, there’s a growing interest in a wider range of marble veins and tones so as well as offering baths and basins carved from traditional Carrara and Arabescato marbles source from Italy, our Pietra collection includes pieces crafted from Asian Panda marble which features distinctive monochrome stripes and swirls, Middle Eastern Pietra Grey marble with warm hazelnut undertones and fine white streaks, and Bolivian Blue marble with its intricate and vibrant ink-blue detailing.

“In response to increasing demand, we’ve also expanded our range with the addition of Porto – a capsule collection of shower systems, bath fillers, and mixer taps that combine our signature brushed gold finish with hand-finished pieces of marble.”

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