When youre designing your kitchen and have your eye on a worktop made of stone, youre faced with three popular choices: quartz, marble, and granite. Quartz is a manufactured stone, so if you want to stay true to nature, marble and granite are at the top of the list. But someone who is not that familiar with the two natural stones may have a hard time choosing the best one.

An Important Comparison between Marble and Granite: Which Worktop is Best?


Marble and granite are two different kinds of stones, each with their own different characteristics, advantages, and disadvantages. If youre trying to decide between the two, then this ones for you. An important comparison between marble and granite: which worktop is best?

What is marble?

Marble is a natural stone that is mined, cut in slabs, and shaped into a stone tabletop or worktop. It typically has a solid greyish white or cream colour and it has coloured veins running through it in various patterns. Because of this, every slab of marble (and every worktop) is unique. There are also other, rarer colours on the market, such as green or pink.

The properties of marble

Marble is porous so it needs to be treated. Its durable and is easy to maintain. It can be used indoors and outdoors, and can be matched with other materials for an aesthetically-pleasing design.

What is granite?

Like marble, granite is a natural stone that must be mined and cut into slabs to make tabletops or worktops. The physical appearance is very different, however, as it comes in many different colours, and usually has a speckled pattern. It comes in different shades and tones, and, like marble, no two slabs are the same.

The properties of granite

There are many similarities  granite and marble have many properties in common. Aside from the physical appearance, they are very similar, with only a few differences.

The difference

Granite is more durable and more resistant to stains, and although granite requires slightly less maintenance than marble, its still important that spills are cleaned up immediately and the stone is not exposed to harsh cleaning agents.

Whether marble or granite is best for you and your kitchen is largely a personal choice, as kitchen countertops Dublin professionals like C & G Granite will attest  as you can see, though the two materials are very similar in terms of their own characteristics, your choice should largely be based on the attributes of each that are most important to you. The truth is that both are excellent choices, so its best you take your time and do the proper research before making the selection.

Marble or granite, your worktop is sure to look great, do an excellent job, and be a wonderful feature in your kitchen.