Easy Ways to Improve Your Curb Appeal

Kiran Singh

If you are selling your home and hoping to purchase a new, larger property, you are likely wondering, “How much house can I afford?” and “How can I increase the value of my current home?” Boosting your curb appeal not only increases the value of your home, but it will attract more potential buyers according to Richard Morrison Vancouver homes realtor.

In fact, it can raise it anywhere from 3% to 5%, according to Consumer Reports.

Curb Appeal

Fresh Paint

Considering the return on investment (ROI), one of the easiest ways to improve curb appeal is easy on your budget too – apply a fresh coat of paint to your home. It will immediately enhance its look, increasing the value and encouraging potential buyers to want to see more. With new paint, it can make your home appear as if it’s new, which translates to buyers’ seeing greater value.

If you can’t afford to repaint your home, consider power washing the exterior and only applying paint to areas that need touching up, such as areas where there are cracks or chipping. This is something that can easily be done yourself as well, saving you money on hiring a professional.


Make sure your yard looks neat and well cared for. Cut down any overgrowth and remove dead plants or weeds. It’s a must before listing your home, and while it’s on the market, to regularly mow your lawn, raking any debris or using a blower. If you live in a dry environment, consider replacing greenery with rock and drought-tolerant plants. Ideally, your landscape should be similar to others in your neighbourhood. Don’t go too extravagant or too minimal as compared to the homes on your block.

Make Your Front Door Shine

Your front door is the focal point of your home’s exterior. If you can afford it, you might want to replace it. Otherwise, consider changing up the hardware – if the hardware is cheap, it will make the door and your entire home looks cheap. That includes handles, the knocker, peephole, etc. Painting it can make your home appear more welcoming too – if it’s dull, perhaps a beige colour, it may appear uninviting. Take a look at what your neighbours are doing, if it makes sense, you might even want to go with a bright, cheery yellow or red.

Add Attractive Decor

Make your porch area look more attractive by adding décor and perhaps replacing new fixtures too. For example, you might want to get some new address numbers, change up an outdated mailbox, get a nice doormat, and/or lighting. All of these items can be purchased relatively cheaply at big box stores. If you have the time and inclination, check out Pinterest for ideas to make your own welcoming wreath or perhaps a farmhouse-style sign.

Replace Your Garage Door

The garage also takes up a large part of a home’s exterior. If it’s looking shabby and outdated, replacing it is a good idea. In fact, a garage door replacement to boost curb appeal typically brings one of the highest ROIs.

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