The very first thing that anybody has to face when visiting your home is your lawn. The way your lawn looks is the first impression that you can have on your guests. A filthy lawn with outgrown weeds and patches of grass on it doesn’t look nice at all. You should look into your lawn if you need professional help.

Maintain Your Lawn

Here’s what you can do to maintain your lawn and have a good impression on your visitors:

1. Remove Weeds

Weeds are unwanted plants that grow in unwanted or undesired places. Every square inch of your lawn has hundreds of weed seeds in it. Unlike any other seed, they also need water, air, and sunlight to develop. One way to stop their growth is to use chemicals that inhibit weed growth. If the weed has already grown up, then you can either pull them off from the roots or use chemicals to kill them.

2. Clear Thatch

Thatch is a layer of dead organic matter like dead leaves, twigs, root stems etc. formed around the roots of the plant. This layer prevents moisture and important nutrients from seeping into the soil. Thatch can inhibit the healthy growth of your plantation in your lawn. The only way to clear them is by hand. You need to remove thatch with your hands so that the plants grow properly.

3. Take Care Of The Moss

Mosses are the non-flowering plants that can affect the growth of grass in your lawn. Moisture, shade, and low-quality turf are all favourable to their growth. It is suggested that moss should be removed as soon as identified. The main cause of moss development in your lawn should be identified and monitored for further maintenance. If you do not feel confident to begin the process of moss control and removal yourself, be sure to search online for grass care near me and enlist the services of a professional lawn care specialist to get your yard back into great shape.

4. Mow The Only 1/3rd Of Your Grass

Whenever you mow your lawn, you should make sure that you don’t over-mow your grass. This may lead to permanent damage to the grass to limit its further growth. One way to maintain good quality turf in your lawn is to mow only 1/3rd of the grass so that it can grow back.

5. Feed And Water The Grass

As with like any other plantation, your turf also needs watering and feed. Use organic fertilizers and water your grass regularly to avoid patch formation of turf in your lawn. A lawn does not look good without turf, and we all know it. If you may need, you should use pesticides and germicides as well to protect your turf from infestations.

6. Drainage System Is Important

The drainage system is as important as the irrigation system. If stagnant water is left unchecked, it may damage the plants more than it could benefit. Having a proper drainage system is all the more important in gardens and lawns. One of the major reasons for poor drainage is the quality of the soil. Changing the soil composition with the help of organic matter could be one option to improve the quality of the soil in your garden.

I hope that these tips help you maintain your garden all the more. Happy Gardening to you!