If you are going to enjoy success with your efforts to clear your mind and body with regular meditation sessions at home you will need to know how to create the right environment and space in order to be able to achieve that aim.

Being able to sit comfortably and relax will definitely help improve your meditative state and you can browse Comfy Sacks here if you want some inspiration on that score.

When it comes to creating the perfect meditation space in your home here are some useful pointers to guide you on how to create the right setting.

Meditation Space

Privacy matters

It might be familiar surroundings as you are setting up space in your own home but there is still a great need to create a space that manages to afford you some privacy and feels secure.

Unless you live on your own there is the possibility that you might be interrupted and disturbed if you don’t create a private area that is just for your meditation space.

Creating this space is fairly easy to do and it can be something simple such as using a folding screen to create that distinction of privacy and it would be a good idea to make sure that everyone in the house knows not to disturb when you are in your meditation space.

Gain inspiration from your surroundings

It stands to reason that if your meditation space is bland and uninspiring it is hardly going to make you feel like you want to spend some quality time there.

Work on making the setting as beautiful and inspirational as you can and try to use nature to end up with a meditation space that lifts your spirits.

A good trick would be to try and make the most of any natural light that is available as we are all instinctively drawn to this and it helps lighten your mood in an instant. Also, try adding some plants and flowers to enhance that feeling that you are at one with nature.

Decoration ideas

As well as making the most of natural light and using plants there are some other ways to decorate your space.

Be mindful that you are aiming to declutter your mind and that means a minimalist approach is called for when it comes to decoration.

A classic setup would include a decorative Buddha for meditation inspiration and some scented candles to help enhance your relaxed state of mind.

Comfortable seating is also a great idea and a large bean bag is a furniture option that ticks all the right boxes in terms of allowing you to feel chilled and ready to zone out once your meditation efforts get underway.

Don’t hide your meditation space away

Although you want to be able to enjoy a private space to get the most out of your meditation routine it should be remembered that you want to make meditation a regular habit and that means creating a visual reminder.

For example, if you invest in a comfortable bean bag cushion that becomes one of your favourite places to sit and clear your mind, seeing that item of furniture will be an instant cue that it might be time to practice some meditation.

Think carefully about the colour scheme

There is a lot of psychology attached to colours and if you choose a colour that is not associated with relaxation it could hinder your attempts to successfully meditate.

Quite clearly, when you practice meditation you want to feel calm and relaxed by your surroundings rather than restless or distracted by a bold colour scheme.

The suggestion would be to go to soft colours and gentle hues rather than bold and busy patterns or colours.

Find a place for some useful meditation tools

There are a number of mediation tools and aids available that you might want to take advantage of in your efforts to get the best out of your relaxation and mindfulness routine.

A meditation cushion is a popular accessory as is a singing bowl, which is designed to clear the energy or space.

Other tools to keep nearby include some candles and maybe a journal that you can use to record in writing what you want to reflect upon.

Whether you use any meditation tools at all is entirely down to you and there are no hard and fast rules in this respect. The main thing to do is to surround yourself with the sort of items that you associate with meditation that help you to clear your mind and get the most out of your time in that special space in your home.

Consider an outdoor space

Your meditation space doesn’t have to be inside your home and if you are struggling to find a room or area that possesses all the right qualities that you are looking for it might be worth considering setting up an outdoor space.

This could be an area on your patio or maybe somewhere sheltered in your garden.

If there is a place in your garden where you always feel at peace and relaxed that could prove to be just the spot you have been looking for to create your meditation space.

Introduce a very natural element

The sound of gently flowing water can be very calming for many of us and that is why it could work for you if you add a miniature water fountain to your meditation room.

This sound of water in this space will have the instant effect of creating a feeling of balance and harmony.

If you don’t have space or the option to add a water feature a great cheat is to have a sound source available where you can play the sound of ocean tides and lapping waves to fill your ears with the sounds that send your mind to somewhere more calming.

These ideas should help you create a meditation space that works for you and it could become a place in your home that you instantly associate with happy thoughts once you start using the space regularly.