Large families need lots of room to move around in. Storage is another issue; it can be hard to find room for everyone’s belongings. In a bathroom, these problems become even bigger.

Thankfully with a few smart design tips and storage solutions, any large family can make bathroom life a breeze. Check out these ideas to refresh your bathroom décor. Make some changes that can revolutionise your family bathroom.

Bathroom Ideas for Large Families

Double Up on Sinks

You may think that two sinks in a bathroom are overkill. They are usually a luxury found in high-end hotel rooms or the ensuite bathrooms of the rich and famous. For a big and busy family, they can be a huge time saver.

Twin sinks let two people use the bathroom at the same time. This is great when you are getting the kids to brush their teeth or wash their faces. You can send them in as pairs or teams to get clean quicker.

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Walk-In Baths are Perfect for all Ages of the Family

Changing your tub to a walk-in bath can be a very smart choice for a busy family bathroom. These baths are great for people with mobility issues, both young and old. They can also be a space-saving choice that opens other areas of the bathroom for storage.

You can find a walk-in bath to suit any space. If you are keen on the idea, you can get a quote from The Walk In Bath Co to discover your options; there are plenty to choose from.

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Scale Up your Hot Water Supply

The biggest problem that large families face in the bathroom is the hot water supply. If you are last in the queue in the morning you may only have a minute or two of hot water left. Switching to a system boiler gets you all the hot water you will need.

They use a large water tank, installed in loft space, to hold gallons of hot water. This is ready and waiting for you whenever you need it, and there is plenty for all the family.

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Clever Storage can Cut Out Clutter

Finding space for everyone’s bathroom bits and bobs can be quite a challenge for a large family. Everyone has their favoured products, even the kids! Not only do you need space for all the bottles and soap bars, but also for all the extra towels and cleaning supplies.

Creating a niche in a wall or two can add lots of storage. They are a recess in the wall that acts as a shelf and are great when running alongside baths or inside showers. You can fit everyone’s shampoo and shower gel here without taking up any extra space.

Living with a large family comes with a special set of unique challenges. The family bathroom must be able to suit everyone’s needs, from young to old. A few straightforward design tweaks can make a meaningful change to your bathroom. Go a little further and you can revolutionise your bathroom with a whole new suite.

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