Beams support the weight of roofs, ceilings, and floors of a building. Among the most popular types of timber used for beams is oak, which apparently, comes with a wide range of benefits. Knowing the advantages of oak beams can help you determine whether this material is suitable for your project.

Oak has been used as beams for buildings for so many years. Below are some of its benefits that you can look at so you can check out why you should consider using them for your project, too.

The Benefits of Using Oak Beams

Durable and strong

Oak is a popular material for beams as it boasts a density of around 600 to 900 kg/m3. It indicates that oak beams are more durable and stronger than most timber species, such as tropical hardwoods. If you are planning to use oak beams, consider that there are about 600 oak varieties worldwide, though some varieties are not as durable as others.

The experts from recommend renovating old oak beams and other types of wood as the best option when you want to avoid the mess of stripping and blasting.


Oak beams are undeniably stunning. In fact, they look even more beautiful as they age. This wood has a distinctive look that shows quality. Aside from that, its attractive wood grain and rich colour boast elegance.

Just like most hardwoods, oak beams provide a rustic look. But, they also have a charm that makes any space look and feels cosy.

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Low maintenance

Oak beams require little to no maintenance compared to other timbers. You don’t have to treat them either as they react to elements quite well. They also turn from light honey into more like a silvered hue as they age because of oak’s high levels of tannin.


Oak is a versatile type of wood. Even how it develops shows its excellent adaptability. Young oaks are still malleable and soft, which grows into hard and durable wood. It is why it’s a good material for many projects. Oak is also used internally as beams and as frames, flooring, and decorative features. For its external use, you can see it on fencing, cladding, waterworks, and decking.

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Opt for oak if you want to achieve durability and aesthetic appeal at an affordable price. Oak is practically more affordable compared to other types of timbers. It lies between the cheap and abundant softwoods like spruce and pine (that aren’t very durable) and rare and pricey tropical hardwoods like Sapele and iroko (stronger and aesthetic, but might lack durability). Oak beams are also widely available.

Final say

In a nutshell, oak beams fill the gap between common softwoods and hardwoods. They are affordable, durable, versatile, and naturally stunning compared to most types of timbers. Since they become more beautiful as they age, they are a popular option for buildings that aim to achieve an aesthetic and comfortable feel. They give off a rustic vibe that most people opt for nowadays.

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