How Do You Turn A House Into A Home?

Kiran Singh

Everyone is always talking about how a property should be a home, not a house. For a start, what does that even mean? And secondly, how do you turn your house into a home?

A home is a property that you have transformed from a bare shell of a building into a living space. Most people that take their houses seriously live in a home. However, making the transformation is not easy. There is plenty to learn, but there are also a lot of specifics that apply to the owner that you cannot copy. To help you make the transformation here’s what you need to bear in mind.

Personality Is Key

Your house needs to represent the people that live there because, otherwise, it is someone else’s home. A home takes key moments from your past or the things that you love and incorporates them into the overall style. Some people like to put up pictures of their loved ones, such as their family and friends. Others like to use ornaments that remind them of a specific time in their life. Think about what is important to you and add it to your home. A good example is a musician who decorates with musical instruments, which is both stylish and practical.

Regulate The Temperature

Homes are not cold. Homes are warm and full of life. You have already taken care of the life aspect by adding personality, so now it is time to take care of the temperature. The best way is to make sure that it is always warm by taking advantage of the central heating. Even better, do you have a fireplace? If you do, light the fire and warm your house that way. Always try and regulate the temperature, though, because a home that is too hot is unbearable at times.

How Do You Turn A House Into A Home

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Consider The Color Scheme

Taking of warmth, the color scheme also plays a big part. The color of the walls and the rooms will add warmth as long as you pick the right colors. Interior design may not be your thing, so this may be hard to implement. However, one basic rule to remember is that dark colors are very warm like a deep red or a black. Black absorbs heat from the room and stops it from escaping, which makes it a very good choice.

If you have young children you could potentially purchase some acrylic sheets to decorate their room all colourful, you can get such plastic acrylic sheets from Simply Plastics.

Don’t Forget The Exterior

Everyone focuses on the interior of the home, yet the exterior is just as important. You want to set the tone from the beginning before you even enter the property. That means the outside needs to be manufactured and maintained to give off a good first impression and set the tone. If you have a garden, cut the grass and mow the lawn, and if you have flowers, water them and make sure they don’t die. For extra effect, put up house signs with the name of the property. Sometimes, the little touches are all that you need. Plus, they add value should you ever want to sell.

Substance Over Style

A home is practical. Anything that prevents your house from functioning should be removed because it makes life harder. Every home is comfortable and easy to live.

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