Okay, if you’re looking to completely makeover your home, that’s not cheap, of course.  Getting the right look, and everything working together can take a lot of expertise.  Plus, a lot of time, and even significant investment.

If that’s what you have in mind, you may well need to hire a professional.  And to speak with them at length regarding what you’re looking to achieve.  So if you go ahead with that, certainly come prepared with photos of what you have in mind.  Or even sketches.

But, small changes can make a big impact on rooms, and even your house overall.  There’s so many little ways you can give your home that extra luxurious feel, even for a surprisingly small amount of money.

Let’s list some of them:

Interior Design Projects for (Almost) Any Budget

Photo by Christopher Barson

Crown Moulding

Lacking crown moulding most certainly negatively impacts the look of a room.  Not having it makes a room look a lot boxier, less luxurious.  Even perhaps a little cheap.  The walls go into the ceiling, and that’s it.

How dull!

But don’t worry…

Crown moulding is easy, and inexpensive to make and install.  So, what’s holding you back?  Okay, if you’re not a carpenter, it’s understandable if you haven’t gone ahead with this yourself.

But you can hire one quite inexpensively.  Or why not get that friend of yours who’s handy with tools over.  Then make him dinner to say thanks!

So largely, all you need is the wood and the paint.  Maybe a few other bits and pieces.  And you can of course carve the moulding yourself, but that’s an awful lot of work!  Better to just purchase it to the lengths you want, and it takes no time at all to install.  You may end up with a lot of mess and left over wood.  So take this opportunity to get rid of all the rubbish that’s been piling up by using a service like Junk Me.

Then getting the lengths right and installing it all is quite straightforward.  And even in as little as 24 hours, your room will be transformed.

And we’ll come to paint options for your rooms shortly.  But your crown moulding doesn’t of course need to be the same colour as your walls or ceiling.  It can be, but a little colour variety can help shake up a room.

Pillows, Everywhere?

Okay, this isn’t interior decorating as such, but throw pillows can significantly brighten up a room, and make it so much more fun to be in.

However, perhaps stay away from the particularly small pillows.  They may look nice, but they’re impractical.  They can get in the way, and even start to get somewhat annoying.  And they certainly don’t look luxurious.

So it’s suggested you go for larger pillows, and make sure they’re fully stuffed (rather than flimsy).  This can truly help to add a touch of class to a room, in a quick and easy way.

Get Original With Lighting

Throw out those dull, predictable chandeliers.  Banish those bare overhead bulbs!  Lighting can have such an impact on the look and feel of a home.  Too much harsh light and you’ll feel like you’re at the dentist!

This is a straightforward way to change how your home makes you feel.  And you needn’t worry about the cost.  Consider scouring markets, and even charity shops and antique shops.

Prices vary hugely, and you might find the perfect lamps and shades for your home, for a steal.  But don’t forget about eBay too, and even Etsy.

So all these options can give you a much more unique and varied look than just going to the same shops everyone else is!  You’ll have to search a little more, but you might come across some incredible lighting treasures.  And they’ll bathe your home in a heavenly glow for years to come.

Carpets Out, Hardwood In

Carpets are certainly comfortable, and can make a home very cosy.  Plus, it protects your children if they have a tendency to fall over.  And of course it makes your home feel warmer, and stops people banging around your house, quite so much.

However, polished hardwood just looks so much more high class.  Okay, this isn’t a small project by any stretch.  Unless, what’s underneath your carpets right now can be easily made to look good.  But likely it would take more than a varnish and polish of your floorboards to give you a hardwood look.

Okay, again, maybe it’s out of your budget at this time.  Or a project that you consider too big.  But once you do get around to it.  And once the new floor is in place, you’re set for years, if not decades!  It looks fantastic and it’s so easy to clean.

And the types of wood to consider does very much vary, so give this careful thought.  Some types and colours have a more luxurious look and feel.  Consider for example, dark wood.  That can help to give your home a very expansive feel.

Painting Decisions to Make

The colours in your home impact every part of it.  It starts at your front door and affects every room of the house.  With an almost infinite range of colours and options, choosing a style can be a little overwhelming.  But there are some simple tips to keep in mind that are almost universal:

Bright colours are good.  Very good.  There’s a reason white (and its various shades) are used so much.  They reflect the natural light and help a place look airy and full of sunshine.  However, you certainly don’t need to choose white for everything.

Interestingly, dark colours can make a room appear more expansive.  Use this sparingly, since over-use of dark colours can give an oppressive feel.  However, consider dark, even black, doors.  Now, that may sound strange.  But take a look at photos of light rooms with dark doors online, and see how you feel about that room.

And try to notice more what your friends and family have done with their colour choices.  Many people do go with lots of light colours.  It’s popular because it works!  But pay particular attention to combinations of colours.  How darker colours, used sparingly, affect a room.

And particularly notice the use of lighter colours, that aren’t white!  Yellows, light reds, blues, even pink and green, can give your home a wonderful feeling of summer, all year round.