The Most Important Features to Change When Selling Your Home

Kiran Singh

Selling your home sometimes requires a bit of work if you are looking to boost its curb appeal. Getting potential new homeowners to pay the optimum price is not always an easy task. They may ask the estate agent to take down the selling price on the basis of the work they believe will need to be carried out on the property.

The Most Important Features to Change When Selling Your Home

Wall Colour and Patterns

Wall colour is one of the first sights you’ll see when you walk around a new home ­— whether it’s the decorated facade, the colour of the living room paint, or the design of a child’s bedroom. Wall colour is always worth updating if you think it will improve the value of your home. If you’re truly blind to this, then think about the rooms that will need the most work for a new homeowner: a child’s room full of bright colours and decals, dated wallpaper, a luminous shade that might be an acquired taste. It’s worth putting your preferences aside to consider what will appeal the most to someone new walking through the door.

Dated Tiled Suites

Wherever hygiene is concerned (for example, your bathroom and kitchen), space should always appear physically clean and tidy. Dated and aged suites can make potential new homeowners flinch for this very reason. No one wants to relax or cook in a room that feels as if it’s had decades of homeowners passing through it. Opting for a contractor and fitter in your local area will help you to find a more trustworthy service, such as finding bespoke kitchens in Harpenden.

Dated Security

Outdated security in your home doesn’t mean having a burglar alarm that was fitted in the ’80s. Instead, it refers to the basic fittings in your home that keep intruders out. Double-glazed windows and a door with modern locks are incredibly appealing to new homeowners. In fact, there’s no real point in installing a burglar alarm if the fundamentals aren’t already there. If you have single-glazed windows and an old wooden door with just a traditional key lock holding it in place, then it is wise to update these features.


If your home is cluttered or lacking storage, then you must see to this before visitors come round to view the house. A good clean-up and general deep clean will never go amiss when you are trying to sell your home.

Bad Odours

Wet dog, cigarette smoke and damp are all major red-flags when potential homeowners are browsing a property. Getting rid of bad smells could make the difference between you selling your home and a buyer choosing somewhere else. If you are in the process of fixing this, light candles and freshen your home before the estate agent comes round.

If you are unsure of what features need changing in your home, then have a practical discussion with your estate agent. A reliable and trustworthy estate agent will have been to hundreds of homes and can give you some sage advice.

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