Small bathrooms can be incredibly tricky to work with, especially if you have a certain design idea in mind. However, there are plenty of ways you can create a stylish and sophisticated bathroom in a small space. All you need is a bit of creativity and inspiration.

7 Fabulous Ideas For Decorating Small Bathrooms

To help you create a beautiful bathroom in a small space, we have put together a helpful guide below:

1. Use light, soothing colours

Not only do light colours like cream, tan and white, make small spaces appear larger, they are also incredibly calming. To create a calming bathroom, opt for a light colour palate.

Paint or tile the walls in white or off-white, invest in a white bath, toilet and sink and use accessories to add colour and style to the room.

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2. Add a tile focal point

Add a design of contrasting or decorative tiles to the room and place them behind the sink as a splashboard, or on the floor to create a pattern.

Decorative tiles can be expensive to buy, so only using decorative tiles as a focal point is ideal for budget bathrooms.

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3. Keep the floor clear

To make the room feel larger, opt for a sink that is attached to the wall instead of the floor. Not only will this create the illusion of more space, but it will also add a stylish and unique feel to the room.

Make sure that when you refit the sink you have a reliable plumbing company on standby, you’ll need a specialist to help out and check everything over.

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4. Add mixed prints

Don’t be afraid to add colour and pattern to the room. Adding things like a patterned shower curtain, rug and stool are all ideals for adding style to a small bathroom.

While colour and pattern are good, make sure not to overdo it. Otherwise, you may end up making the room appear smaller.

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5. Use colourful displays

To reinforce your colour scheme, create eye-catching, colourful displays. To save floor space, invest in storage units that can be attached to the wall. Add colourful towels and accessories to the storage units to tie the colour scheme together.

As well as using colourful wall displays, you could also use pops of colour to add style to the room. For example, in an all-white bathroom, a simple white vase with some bright flowers would look amazing. Flowers look great, are inexpensive and can be mixed up for a new look.

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6. Add texture

Add texture to the room by investing in some 3D tiles. Even when only laid behind the sink mirror, 3D tiles have a big impact on the space.

To enhance the style of the tiles, place them next to a coloured wall or accessory.

7. Take advantage of the windowsill

If you are lucky enough to have a good-sized windowsill in your bathroom, make sure to take full advantage of it by using it as a display.

Display bath salts, bath bombs and bubble baths in pretty glass jars on the windowsill. Practical as well as decorative, this is an excellent way to store all your favourite bathroom bits and bobs.

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