7 Smart Bathroom Renovation Tips That Will Make a Huge Difference

Kiran Singh

If you’re thinking of renovating your bathroom, you’re in the right place! Here, we have 7 smart tips that will make a huge difference, so you can really make the most of the time in your bathroom. The bathroom is one of the most important rooms in the house, and can add a lot of value to the overall price. Use these tips to impress guests and even buyers!

Include Floating Shelves and Storage

Floating shelves and storage give you somewhere to put all of your bathroom essentials without taking up too much room. The bathroom isn’t usually very big, so this can help to save space. There’s nothing worse than having shampoo, shave gel, and razors strewn haphazardly about the bathroom. Storage is essential!

Tile Everywhere and Make it a Wet Room

Turning your bathroom into a wet room is a fabulous idea. You won’t need to worry about getting water anywhere, as it’ll be totally protected. This is one of the most modern ways to renovate your bathroom and make it exceptionally practical.

7 Smart Bathroom Renovation Tips That Will Make a Huge Difference

Change Up Your Hardware and Fixtures

Changing up your hardware and fixtures will make a massive difference to the look of the bathroom. People are getting more adventurous with their sinks, for example, and are using them as a focal point to make a statement. You could even just switch up the lights, door handles, and taps to make a big difference to the look of the room.

Install a Shower Enclosure

Installing a shower enclosure, like one from www.showerenclosuresuk.com, is perfect for people who prefer to take showers. It is always better than having to step inside of a bathtub to take a shower. The enclosure will stop any moisture from escaping, and other people can use the bathroom freely while you wash (if you don’t mind).

With a Rain Showerhead

Rain showerheads are huge news for people who prefer to take showers. While having a hard hitting invigorating shower can be great, a rain showerhead can make the experience much more relaxing. It can feel very natural, just as bathing in a rain shower would! You don’t need to worry though; it’s still powerful enough to clean you off.

Consider Subfloor Heating

Subfloor heating is a dream come true for people who are terrified of stepping out of the bath or shower onto the freezing cold floor. This can ruin the experience as we fumble to dry ourselves off and get dressed as quick as possible to warm up! Subfloor heating is gentle on the feet and you’ll always look back on your time in the bath/shower fondly.

Select a Stylish Mirror

A stylish mirror can really make or break a bathroom. Some people like to make a statement by having mirrors hung everywhere, but having one big stylish mirror is even better. This is how you can make sure your bathroom makes an impression on all who enter!

Use these 7 tips as you like to make sure your bathroom looks better than ever!

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