Working with a small garden? It’s common to feel like this limited space restricts your creativity, a clamp on your dream outdoor space. However, you shouldn’t let size dictate the level of beauty you can achieve. 

Even the smallest gardens can be transformed into magnificent oases with the right design elements. This is especially the case when you bring a touch of luxury to proceedings. If you’re wondering how to make a big impact and maximise your space, here’s how to do it successfully. 

Small Garden, Big Impact Maximise Space with Luxury

Embrace Vertical Gardening

It’s true: you have limited ground space to utilise. Fortunately, the skies are your limit. This is why you should first consider the vertical plane. By introducing climbing plants and wall-mounted planters, you can effectively utilise your home’s walls and fences. 

It draws eyes upwards. It creates a sense of height and openness. It frees up valuable ground space. Add it all together, and you have the foundation necessary for crafting a luxurious outdoor space. 

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Select the Right Plants 

There are expensive plants out there. However, you don’t have to splash the cash to produce a luxurious feel via plants. The importance is to add depth and richness to your garden – and this is achieved by selecting the right plants. 

It is wise to opt for a mix of perennials and annuals. Why? Because this will deliver year-round colour and interest. After all, you don’t want a garden that will effectively hibernate for months at a time. Dwarf and slow-growing plant varieties are ideal for a small garden, as they won’t overwhelm your limited space. 

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Incorporate Paving 

Now, here’s an area where you can truly up the luxurious feel. Yes, you can buy some cheap paving from a local garden centre, but that’s not going to leave an impression. It’s not going to elevate the aesthetic appeal of a couple of notches like luxurious paving. 

For example, you can go with some beautiful Yorkstone paving. This paving comes in different colours, but there is one consistent across them all: superior quality. In a smaller space, lighter-coloured Yorkstone paving is recommended as it makes your garden appear more spacious. This luxurious paving is also excellent for separating different areas in your garden. For instance, it could be a pathway, dining area, or even a seating nook. 

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Create a Focal Point

Every garden, irrespective of size, benefits from a focal point. They draw the eye and give the garden a sense of purpose and direction. As for a luxurious focal point, a water feature or sculpture is a go-to option. The importance of this step is highlighted by the fact you can build the rest of your garden design around a focal point. 

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Lighting and Accessories 

Finally, don’t forget the impact of lighting and accessories. Strategic lighting can create ambience, highlight key features – such as the aforementioned focal point – and make the garden inviting after dusk. As for accessories, strategically placed mirrors can give an illusion of depth, while tasteful yet fancy garden furniture adds functionality without crowding the space. 

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