With economic and environmental changes impacting consumer habits and lifestyles, industry experts have revealed how this will influence the future of bathroom interior design.

Partnering with experts across the industry,  Sanctuary Bathrooms, has collated an extensive guide that reveals the styles that will dominate the year ahead, and which are on their way out. From rich, fluid colour and design becoming preferable over minimalism, and a rise in desire for affordable luxury, the experts reveal all about the trend forecast for 2023.

Six bathroom trends we'll be seeing everywhere in 2023, according to industry experts

2023 will see bathroom design more vibrant than ever

Experts agree that 2023 will see an explosion of colour and texture, inspired by the great outdoors.

Bringing the outside in, with more fluid and organic patterns, is key for 2023.” says

Krista Cowen, Brand Manager at Ca’ Pietra. People are injecting their own personal style into their interiors, rather than following a ‘rule book’.

“Customers have turned away from all-white bathrooms in favour of colour and experimentation,” says Paul Wells, Showroom Manager at Sanctuary Bathrooms. “Furthermore, statement items like freestanding baths are being used to inject personality and colour, continuing to be an aspirational product.

This emerging desire for personality and nature in interior design may stem from pandemic behaviours, which saw people place great value on how their indoor space makes them feel.

So, with the emergence of experimentation, what’s in store for 2023?

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Brushed bronze and gold

Metallics are becoming more popular than ever, as they’re adaptable to the emerging diversity in styles.

Jeevan Seth, CEO of Just Taps Plus says: “Warmer tones are most likely to dominate bathroom trends in 2023 as well as more neutral and earthy tones, so a brushed bronze finish is a perfect complement to these design schemes thanks to its contemporary design and warm contrasting tones.

 “In terms of metallics, new colours, such as brushed bronze, as well as existing colours in gold and brasses, are becoming especially popular” adds Sanctuary Bathrooms’ Paul Wells. “Many customers prefer brushed gold because it is not as bright as polished gold, making it more suited to modern spaces.

James Sketch of KEUCO adds: “Colour will continue to make an impact, we’ve seen a distinct increase in the sales of black, from accessories right through to taps and showers, whilst nickel and brass tones are beginning to make an impression.

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Bold colours inspired by citrus and nature

In line with the trend of bringing the outside in, experts have concluded that blues and greens will be popular in 2023, amongst other vibrant tones.

Some themes that may impact colours in 2023, according to Jorge Hernandez, Product and Design Manager at Bathroom Brands Group, will be “Maximalism, Japandi and Biophilia.

Zoe Jones, the Senior Content Producer & Interior Designer at Roper Rhodes, says: “Bright and uplifting colour is back for 2023.” Adding a rosy tint to conventional Nordic design, Danish Pastel interior design is at the forefront of this movement and is characterised by sorbet colours, curves and abstract, whimsical shapes. Homeowners can embrace this uplifting style with square tiles, terrazzo, novel grouting and colourful finishes such as seafoam greens, warm pinks, and clay colours.

Barrie Cutchie, Design Director at BC Designs, predicts “a move to citrus colours, with even more yellow and oranges.”  Furthermore, Sarah Fowler of JIS Europe suggests that “Pink, maroon, and acid yellow will be popular as highlight colours.”

Paul Wells also adds that: “green and blue hues will continue to be popular in 2023 because of the spa-like feel and natural, earthy look.

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Luxury in chequerboard, marble, and freestanding baths

Recreating expensive locations such as hotels or spas is becoming increasingly popular. As such, Zoe Jones suggests that chequerboard will be a style to watch in 2023:

 “Chessboard and chequerboard floors can be seen in both bathroom and kitchen designs in classic Victorian palettes, while chequered mosaic wall tiles are embracing softer, more feminine colours.

Timeless and classy, marble will continue to dominate, as Krista Cowen adds: “The sumptuous ‘Marble Luxe’ look continues to be big in 2023, with consumers wanting to add a touch of luxury to their bathrooms.

Barrie Cutchie says that statement baths are key for achieving this luxury aesthetic: “When it comes to renovations, high up on the list of ‘must haves’ for consumers are larger bathtubs, including freestanding models, tying into the five-star, luxury bathroom theme.

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Design-led renovations to make the most of space

Because of economic uncertainty and the price of housing, experts have said that people are less likely to be moving, and more likely to renovate the space they already have.

Paul Wells says: “With the economic outlook and potential for property prices to fall, one thing we may see over the coming years is people holding back from moving home and instead putting money into their existing home if they can afford to do so.

 Zoe Jones adds: “Searches for ‘small bathroom design’ have exploded on Google and Pinterest, as homeowners are making the most of the space they have while conserving heat and water – this will be an important consideration in bathroom design for 2023.”

There is no doubt that the bathroom has changed from being a strictly functional room in the house to a space with masses of design potential. The demand for stylish and trend-led bathroom fittings and fixtures will continue well into 2023 and beyond.

Barrie Cutchie suggests that rather than undergoing a full renovation, people may save money with smaller touches: “What we may see is people choosing to update part of their bathroom through the use of tiles, brassware or paint to give it a refresh and to bring it on trend, rather than re-doing their whole bathroom.

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The London Influence

Regional style trends often vary. Nevertheless, the market will continue to adapt to the so-called London influence.

London is a cosmopolitan city, which as well as disposable income, has a huge population with a variety of tastes, and personal styles. As such, there is a regional difference in terms of popularity and trends,” explains Paul Wells.

The capital plays a big part in dictating the trends, so new, emerging and even resurgent trends in London over the last few months of 2022 could dictate how the market changes in 2023 in terms of trends.”

What we see in London in recent months and the next few upcoming months in terms of ranges and demand will slowly seep into other areas of the country over the course of 2023.”

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Sustainability and eco-friendly products

Paul Wells explains that consumers have not been asking for the environmental credentials of brands or products because of the difficulty to adapt a bathroom to save energy and money, as well as water.

Eco-friendly and sustainable products are the buzz in the market from a manufacturer point of view, who look to promote themselves on green features ahead of competitors.”

However, the reality is that not many customers deliberately ask or care about these features when speaking in the showroom, and one part of this is that the bathroom is extremely hard to adjust sustainably other than water-saving.”

Yet brands say differently, and that sustainability will be key moving forward. “We predict a focus on more environmentally friendly options”, says Krista Cowen, while Sarah Fowler adds “Sustainability is going to be the by-word going forward.”

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What’s on its way out?

Jeevan Seth says: “When it comes to bathroom design, there is no longer a rulebook to how these spaces should be decorated anymore.

Furthermore, following the predictions of bold, bright colours and designs, Margaret Talbot, VitrA UK Marketing Manager, states that minimalism might “prove too daring in the current uncertain environment.”

Paul Wells adds: “Matt white fixtures are likely to become niche or disappear completely. They are no longer popular and were a bit of a fad and experimentation at the time they became popular. Customers have turned away from all-white bathrooms in favour of colour and experimentation.”

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