When you run the show in the kitchen, it can quickly become evident that things need to change. For small kitchens in particular, space is at a premium and there’s simply no need for clutter or bad organisation.

Thankfully, there are always solutions to help improve and coordinate your kitchen to make it streamlined and functional at all times. We’ll provide a few fantastic ideas that will make your kitchen look and work better than ever.

Bring Your Kitchen Back to Life with These Hacks

Install a pull-out pantry

Pull-out cabinets are the future – if you haven’t caught onto this trend yet, then there’s still time! A pantry that can be pulled out is advantageous for many reasons, but the biggest impact is that you can store items on dual sides.

Furthermore, you’ll never forget about some items at the back of the cabinet ever again like conventional storage options, as nothing gets hidden in a pull-out pantry. You can have several of these in the kitchen, such as one for jars and bottles, and even another for glasses and mugs.

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Update the fixtures and fittings

Just like many things in the kitchen, from the fridge to the oven to even the flooring, the sink and taps need replacing at some point. Whether it’s your kitchen sink looking like it’s been through the wars, or your tap is starting to leak and is covered with grime and calcium build-up, a new tap is essential for a contemporary kitchen.

Of course, there are so many taps to choose from and this depends on your preference, such as single-lever taps or separate hot and cold handles, or even the finish like classic chrome silver or trending matte black, for instance. Once you see the range here of kitchen mixer taps, you’ll have a better idea of what type of tap would suit your household.

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Dividers in draws

Take one look at your drawers and it’s obvious that things get cluttered very quickly. We often take items out and put them back haphazardly, but to prevent mess building up, place some plastic dividers in the drawers to organise things more efficiently.

Dividers work especially well for herbs and spices, so that each section remains neat and that you can even arrange jars for different cuisines, such as Indian, pasta, etc. A classic spice rack is never a bad option, but if that seems unnecessary, then the spice drawer with dividers is incredibly resourceful.

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Cupboard doors

We all store things in cupboards, but one of the most undervalued spaces is the actual cupboard door! A great way to hide unsightly cleaning items is using a cupboard door rack and placing it on the inside of the storage space. That way, the cupboard itself can be used for other objects and you’ve got far more options to place items.

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Utensil rack

We all love kitchen utensils and accessories as much as the next person, but we don’t enjoy cluttered draws full of pizza cutters, spatulas, whisks, bottle openers, and so on. This is why a magnetic utensil rack is a great idea to hang everything up in your kitchen for better presentation and easy access. You can also get a rack with hooks for hanging if that’s a better option.

Corner shelves

We simply want to maximise kitchen space and avoid clutter, which is why installing corner shelves is a unique idea! The corners of the kitchen are essentially underused, and a few standing shelves can help to avoid the mess on the countertop. You could store anything from cookbooks to larger kitchen accessories to dish detergent, for example.

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Install a charging drawer

This one is beginning to gain traction in modern kitchens, as it’s a great way to avoid splattering your appliances with food or knocking them off the counter whilst cooking. A charging drawer can help to organise and declutter your kitchen, so if you’re redesigning your kitchen or completely starting from scratch, make sure you include a charging drawer.

Calendar or whiteboard

Finally, nothing helps organise your kitchen like planning everything every week. A calendar or even whiteboard will help you keep track of what you’re cooking every day and what ingredients you need to pick up from the supermarket. It’s also a great way to see what food you’ve been eating lately and avoid getting into the same patterns. After all, we all need a healthy, balanced diet!

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