For food lovers who enjoy cooking as much as they do eating, having the perfect kitchen with all the gadgets and accessories they love is essential.

While some kitchen accessories, like cake-pop makers and waffle irons, are fads that have limited applications, others are timeless classics that are vital for any foodie kitchen.

If you’re eager to embrace the latest cooking trends in 2023, then you need to make sure your kitchen has everything you need.

With the cost-of-living crisis gripping the world and a third of all UK households cutting back on dining out and takeaways, there has never been a better time than now to kit out your kitchen with everything you could possibly need.

To give you inspiration, these are some of the top kitchen accessories we’d recommend if you want to create hearty meals and delicious snacks from the comfort of your home.

The Heart of the Home
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A Cafetiere

For most of us, coffee is an essential part of our mornings. While instant coffee is fine in a pinch, for the real rich taste we all know and love, nothing beats freshly brewed coffee. Using a cafetiere can improve the flavour of your coffee, as it heats the beans without exposing them to the boiling process. To get the best out of your cafetiere, you need to use high-quality coffee. By combining a quality cafetiere with the very best coffee, you can treat yourself to a rich and flavourful coffee experience whenever you want it.

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A Boiled Water Tap

Boiling water is another key ingredient in coffee, as well as other meals and drinks, such as tea, pasta, rice and more. Waiting for the kettle to boil can be boring, especially if you use it regularly. Consider installing a boiled water tap for instant boiled water when you need it. Also, a kettle takes up more space on your countertops, so if you install a boiled water tap, you’ll have more space for other gadgets.

Top Kitchen Accessories Every Foodie Should Have In Their Home

A Breadmaker

Despite its name, breadmakers are a highly versatile kitchen gadget that can be used to knead the dough for various bread-like products. Whether you want to make rolls, sweet, cake-like fruit bread or a standard loaf of bread for sandwiches, you can with the right breadmaker. With the price of staple foods rising now, being able to make your own bread is not only tasty but also a cost-effective alternative to shop-bought loaves. Breadmakers are easy to use, and most come with recipe books, so you can create delicious bread and doughs yourself without much fuss.

Kitchen trends on a budget
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A Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is a must for fans of the Great British Bake Off or anyone who just loves making delicious cakes and biscuits. The reality TV show has made KitchenAid Artisans the mixer of choice, but there are plenty of affordable alternatives to KitchenAid mixers for those without the budget for the pricer model. Stand mixers are designed to help combine ingredients perfectly, to create the ideal consistency for fluffy cakes, flakey pastries, rich doughs and smooth batters. So, whether you’re making sweet or savoury baked products, you can make the most of your mixer.

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