Standfirst: If you’re planning a new kitchen, or just a revamp of your existing space, DCC London offers top tips to make the most important room of the home really work for you and your family, while helping make your lives more streamlined, convenient and efficient.

In most houses, the kitchen is the heart of the home and is much more than just a place to prepare food. A big push for 2023 and beyond is making changes to your kitchen so it suits you and your family perfectly while considering our environmental impact.

Increasingly, the kitchen has so many more uses with many using the space to socialise, dine, work, relax and even have discos – in the style of Sophie Ellis-Bexter! So, the needs of the traditional kitchen have changed dramatically over the years and are constantly evolving, which all influence design and layout trends.

Many houses are much more open-plan, incorporating fantastic multi-functional kitchen-dining-living spaces. Whatever size your space, it’s always worth talking to an interior designer for expert ideas and tips on how to maximise your space, while making it look fantastic too. The first function is that it’s a great environment to live in and if it also impresses your guests that’s an added bonus!

The Heart of the Home
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It’s all in the planning

With so many different designs and clever, time-saving gadgets available, choosing your kitchen can be a bit overwhelming, so when it comes to style, you can’t beat going with your heart and opting for styles you love. Why not create a Pinterest board or scrapbook with images of your dream kitchens and cherry-pick the best bits to create your own unique space? With kitchen styles constantly developing, the efficiency and complexity of appliances are also.

When it comes to appliance purchases, you don’t want to have to be renewing these more often than you want to, so opting for quality is paramount. The focus continues to move towards ensuring kitchens are more convenient with clever technology integrated into appliances. American-style fridges and fridge freezers have been one of the biggest trends for 2022 and they’re still increasing in popularity.

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Clever design

Never underestimate the power of good design – or the consequence of bad design! If you have the luxury of being able to design your kitchen from scratch, or even if you’re working with an existing kitchen, there are lots of things you can do at the design stage, which you’ll thank yourself for once you’re living in it!

Think practically, about what you do in your kitchen and what your needs are.

Are you an avid cook? Think about your cooking workflow; where’s more convenient to have the work surface, next to the sink? Or the cooker? Or near the fridge?

Are you a big entertainer? Would a wine cooler be useful? Do you want comfy seats on your island for your guests to congregate?

Do you have children? What is the best way to feed them all? It all comes down to personal preference.

If you opt for stylish and practical, you’ll create a space you’ll love and will work for you for years to come. You don’t need to follow trends or emulate what others are doing, make it unique to you and your family’s needs – think outside the box!

Redesigning your kitchen with luxurious elements
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Consider storage, have you factored in enough cupboards and shelves? Pantries and larders have made a comeback and can hide supplies that don’t need to be kept cool. This will help you to keep the space neat and tidy without too much effort. If you have things you don’t want on display all the time, have you built-in areas to store them that are convenient? If this is going to be the heart of your home and where visitors will congregate, you want it to be easy to keep organised and look fabulous every day, with minimal effort.

Keep it green

Going cheap is a false economy, so go for the highest quality appliances you can afford and they’ll last for years. American refrigerators are becoming a staple in new kitchens, especially if you have a family. They provide enough space to store a large amount of food, which also saves you time in supermarket visits. Quality fridge and fridge-freezer brands to look out for include Maytag, Amana and Sub Zero which offer appliances with the latest technology which are more economical to run and energy efficient. If you buy quality, they’re less likely to break down, but if they do, they can be repaired. The longer you keep your appliances, the fewer devices end up in a landfill.

Quality, not quantity

Maytag fridges and fridge freezers are one of our favourite brands when it comes to quality, longevity and style. They offer several types of classic designs which make it easy to organise and access your groceries. They have steel shelves with LED lighting and are made from fingerprint-resistant stainless steel – which means less cleaning – a great smart feature! There are also adjustable-temperature drawers to select the perfect climate for your food.

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Don’t bin it – repair it!

Did you know that you can have your kitchen appliances serviced? This keeps them running efficiently and less likely to break down, but if the worst does happen DCC London is the leading authorised specialist Maytag Fridge Repair company in London. Their experienced Maytag engineers have over 40 years of experience and fix 97% of repairs on the spot. DCC is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and covers London and the surrounding areas. They deal with emergency callouts, and same-day repairs and also work with other leading brand appliances.

Smart style

A smart kitchen can be one bursting with hi-tech gadgets and appliances, or it can simply be one that is more convenient and efficient. It should save you energy and time and generally make life just that little bit easier. Combining electronics, thoughtful design and environmentally-friendly elements, incorporating smart kitchen concepts into your design, will help make shopping, cooking, eating and living easier and more comfortable and productive. The real benefit of a smart kitchen is it will make your life more convenient and comfortable.

Changing ambience

When selecting cupboard styles and cookers, it’s easy to forget about how you really want to use your kitchen every day and how you want to feel when you’re in it. Traditional or contemporary, you can create a beautiful space that will allow you to relax and use your kitchen the way you’ve always wanted.

A great way to change the atmosphere is to include innovative lighting options. You may want nice bright, natural lighting during the day and over specific areas, but what about in the evening if you have friends around for a drink or a meal? You may want softer mood lighting to create a relaxing atmosphere. It’s not just the type of lights, but also the bulbs, so think about bright or warm white, or even different colours.

Mix subtle spotlights with statement pendants and by having them on different circuits, it gives you maximum lighting options. Undershelf and cupboard strip lighting may be right for you, which gives a beautiful glow after dark. Having the option to change the light configuration will allow you to switch the mood from work to play and help create the perfect multi-purpose kitchen environment!

The Heart of the Home
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