For many homeowners whose house is too small for their needs, the solution is to sell and move to something more spacious. Sure this can fix the lack of space, but it may not be ideal for everyone. What happens if you love your neighbourhood, like the school district, and much of the home does fit your needs except for a keyspace or two? This is when an extension project can be the perfect solution. By building an extension, you will be creating the extra space that is needed, but there is no need to uproot your entire life and move to another home.

Kitchen Extension Project

Here we’ll take a look at a handful of invaluable tips to keep in mind for those looking at tackling a kitchen extension project. With the kitchen often being the most-used space in the home, it tends to be a popular choice when it comes to extensions.

Look Into a Concrete Pump Hire

Because you are looking at creating a whole new section of your home, it is considered a “new build” if you will, even though it’s just one room. For that reason, poured concrete footings, slabs, flooring, etc. tend to be required. Rather than dealing with the standard wheelbarrow method – which is very labour and time consuming – companies like MixIt can make short work of the project.

They will come to your home with a truck that has already mixed concrete, ready to be poured, and uses a pump to do so. This pump is very versatile in that it can move around easily, rather than trucking in wheelbarrow loads. Not only that, but it’s also able to pour more cubic metres of concrete per hour than any other method out there. It’s all about speed and efficiency, both of which can save money on the budget.

Build the Maximum Space Allowable

Whatever the maximum sized extension is that you are approved to build on your home is what experts recommend choosing, as you won’t regret it. Imagine if you go to all the trouble and expense to create your extension, only to wish you had gone a bit bigger? In this case, bigger is better.

Can Your Services Support the Extension?

You also need to give thought to your current services and do a “health check”. What this means is analysing whether things like your plumbing, heating, and electrics can actually handle this added amount of space.

What About Planning Permission?

Of course, planning permission is also something that will need to be considered. Depending on where you live, and how big the extension will be, you may be able to go ahead under Permitted Development. It’s always best to talk to your local planning department before any floorplans are drawn up or work begins.

Living the Dream

A kitchen extension project can be quite a massive undertaking, which is why you want to be sure you go about things in an organized and thoughtful manner.

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