As a renter, it’s important to make your space feel like home, but this can be challenging with restrictions on what you can and can’t do to your rental property. Thankfully there are several ways to add your own personal touch to your rented space without upsetting your landlord, risking losing your deposit or spending too much of your hard-earned money. Here are a few ways to make those dull, empty rooms come to life!

How to add your personal touch to a rented property

Create A Gallery Wall

An affordable way to add personality to your rental property is to create a gallery wall with prints. Whether you prefer motivational quotes, travel photos, or colourful abstract art, gallery wall prints can instantly elevate your space. Choose prints with a common colour palette or theme to create a cohesive look. You can mix and match different sizes and frame styles to create an eclectic look that reflects your unique style.

When it comes to gallery wall prints, there are several options to consider. If you’re on a budget, you can find affordable prints online. Alternatively, you can create your own art using acrylic paints or watercolours if you’re feeling adventurous.

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Add Some Colour

Adding some colour is one of the easiest ways to add a personal touch to your rented property. While you may not be able to paint the walls, you can use colourful accessories to liven up your space. Choose colours that reflect your personality and make you feel happy and inspired. For example, if you love nature, consider adding shades of green and blue to your space.

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Add Curtains

Bare windows can make you feel cold and vulnerable. Adding curtains will make your rental property feel more homely and can add a personal touch to the room, depending on the style you choose. Pick a fabric and colour that best complements the tones of the room, furniture and decor but also represents your personality. If you prefer a minimal look, you may want to opt for natural linen curtains that keep the space fresh and airy. However, if you like a bolder statement, you could try adding a pop of colour with a daring pattern.

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Plants Plants & More Plants!

A great way to add life and colour to your rental is with greenery. As well as purifying the air and improving your mood, plants also add colour and texture to your space. People sometimes stay away from plants in fear of not being able to keep them well cared for; however, if you are a plant newbie, you could start with succulents, pothos and snake plants. These are all affordable options that take minimal effort to keep alive! If you want the responsibility of caring for some more advanced plants, a few fun options include a monstera or fiddle leaf fig. These plants can be displayed in simple decorative pots on the floor, shelving or window ledges. You could also use wall planters to add some dimension to your bare walls. Remember to ask your landlord for permission if you plan to add plants to your walls, as this will require drilling that leaves holes.

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A dramatic change can be easily created with lighting. Not only can you add decorative lamps and led lights around the room, but you can also swap out lighting fixtures. A new lighting fixture can instantly update your space and help reflect your own style. There are plenty of fixtures in an array of styles, including modern, industrial and Scandinavian. If you plan to do this, ensure you keep the original light fixtures to change back to before you move; otherwise, this will affect your deposit.

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Try Out Textures

Throws, scatter cushions and rugs are all fun ways you can add personality and style to your new place. Depending on your preference, there are many different options for this; however, adding these chunky knit cushions, fluffy faux fur rugs or colourful modern throws will instantly elevate your rental and make it transform into a place you are proud of. Choose colours that complement your existing decor but reflect your own style to make your rooms feel cosy and inviting.

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Finally, add accessories that reflect your interests and hobbies. If you are interested in music, display your record collection in a fun way with a new set-up. You may want to add a bookcase to display your favourite books as well as trinkets you have collected throughout the years, or you could print out and frame photos of your family and friends to make your new rental feel extra homely.

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In conclusion, there are many fun, budget-friendly and rental-friendly ways you can make a new rented property feel more like your own. Decide on an interior style and use this to find decorative elements that represent who you are and the things you love. This will take time and patience; however, before you know it, you will have a place you call home that you can’t wait to host your friends or return to and relax in after a long day.