Ever walked into your friend’s home and you can’t help but appreciate how clean and organized the whole place is? Well, we’ve all had that feeling at least once in our life.

A clean home is something that all of us are mesmerized by and in all honesty, we do make occasional efforts to make it spick and span like the ones we admire.

But we need to realize that getting a home in order involves much more than simply doing a little bit of cleanup here and there. It is not about putting the stuff back or cleaning the floor on a regular basis. These things do count but to truly get thighs in order we need to re-organize a lot of things.

One of the most difficult places to reorganize is the kitchen. A kitchen has a lot of thighs that need to be kept in accordance with the accessibility and the rate of use. Getting a kitchen to look clean and organized at all times is probably the hardest task there is. To be honest it does require some professional intervention but most of the part you can literally do yourself. Let’s go through some of the things in brief detail.

Making your kitchen clutter-free for a clean and blissful home

Keeping an eye on storages

It’s a common thing to keep leftover kitchen stuff for use later. There are many things like sugar, tea leaves, salt, and other items that we use a little bit of and keep to be stored in cupboards or shelves. More than often these items get hoarded over time and it gets very hard to manage all of it. Small packets and boxes form up a lot of clutter that we often see in kitchens. We can’t help storing things but what we can do is try to differentiate between essentials and non-essentials. Some constant effort needs to be put into deciding whether to keep the packet and see it join the heap of clutter or simply throw it because you don’t need the clutter or the packet in the near future.

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Reducing Countertop clutter

Most of the clutter that we see is on the countertops in the kitchen. It is probably the primary place that needs to be kept neat to pull off the whole ‘tidy’ look. You can start by forming a habit of not dumping things like change, car keys, water bottles, and other such things on the counter. A lot of people also dump their groceries and other things from the shopping lists on the counter to be sorted out later. It would help your cause if you would simply put all the things in place in the first go and not leave things hanging for later.

Also, unnecessary countertop decor like clocks, flowerpots, and other such items should be out there only if there is enough space for you to pull off some minimal decor.

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The rule of cabinets

The rule of cabinets says that things are always better when cabinets are being used. To decrease the clutter in your kitchen the best way is to put everything in cabinets and cupboards. If you do not have enough cupboards then you can search on the internet for RTA Kitchen cabinets online and other such places to get quick and easy home delivery. Try to label these cabinets in a smart way so that you can easily arrange and organize the things that you need to store in them. Club similar things together or club them on the rate of use. Try to fit in as many things in the cupboards as you can so that the shelves and the countertop looks neat and clean.

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It’s best to keep things back

We did say that keeping things back is too basic but basic is something that needs to be there. You can arrange all the stuff in the world and get as many cupboards installed but it won’t help you one bit if you do not learn to keep things back from where you picked them up from. Simple things like the ketchup bottle and the salt shaker if left on the countertop just look very bad. Water bottles also need to be kept in mind as they are things that are mostly seen here and there sitting idle at various places. To make sure that the clutter does not flow outside the kitchen you need to start by keeping it clean in the first place and putting things back is a simple basic principle.

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Dishes pile-up

We all need to use dishes on a daily basis and it’s almost unavoidable to wash them as we use them. After having food we mostly dump the utensils in the washing area, and that is not wrong. What is wrong is to leave the pile unattended for more than a few hours. The pile will keep on getting bigger and the workload will keep on increasing which will, in turn, make you less and less willing to start cleaning them. It’s thus best to start cleaning the dishes after every couple of hours or if you can wash them as you use them.

Probably the most disgusting sight one can see in the kitchen is the pile of used plates and other utensils with flies buzzing over the leftover food falling out of the plates.

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The fridge is not a noticeboard

Putting up sticky notes and weird magnet decorations on the fridge is an age-old practise but it needs to be now made a thing of the past. All the magnets and notes should be taken off from the fridge and put aside. If it’s very important you can have a single corner for a maximum of 2 sticky notes. An unorganized fridge also looks bad. People will open your fridge and let them see a dirty one never feels nice. Make sure that while you take care of putting things inside the fridge you also take care of how you are putting it in.

The vibe of a neat and tidy home is something that we all crave. To achieve that state is not very hard but does require some level of dedication. There are some simple rules and principles that you need to follow which can easily help you attain that level of organization in your home.

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