DIY Decorating can be a fun past-time, and much more cost-effective than hiring painters and decorators. Here are 10 of some of the top things every DIY enthusiast needs, whether it’s wallpapering, paint jobs or laying floors – you’re going to need these handy essentials.

10 Things Every DIY Decorator Needs

  1. A colour wheel – If you’re choosing a colour scheme for a room, it’s always helpful to have a colour wheel to see how colours go together and how different colours relate to each other. It’s also a good way of comparing ‘cold colours’ (green, purple and blue) to ‘warm’ (orange, red and yellow).
  1. Graphite Hammer – A hammer made from graphite is preferable to steel versions, as it’s lighter (so reduces fatigue), plus its graphite core absorbs the shock of each blow. To prevent accidents, it’s also a good idea to opt for a slip-resistant grip handle that is moulded securely to the rest of the hammer.
  1. Functional Wallpaper Hanging Set – Wallpapering needn’t be a nightmare, provided you have the right tools to start with. Wilko’s Wallpaper Hanging Set includes a scraper, paste brush, wallpaper brush and steam roller. All you need is some dungarees and a radio and you’re good to go!
  1. Adjustable Wrench – A toolbox essential, this handy wrench adjusts to different bolt sizes so whatever you’re dismantling or assembling, you should get the job done without a hitch.
  1. Tape Measure – No DIY tool kit is complete without a trusty tape measure. You’ll never know when it will come in handy, whether it’s measuring the width of a window frame for curtain rails or calculating how much laminate flooring you’ll need. It truly is a must-have.
  1. Toolbox – Nobody wants the stress of searching for screwdrivers, pliers, spanners etc. before they’ve even started on the job. Keep your kit together with a handy toolbox and all your trusty tools will be kept together for when you need them.
  1. Cross Check Level – We’ve all come across the traditional spirit levels in school science classes, but this clever gadget checks for both horizontal and vertical accuracy – the perfect way to ensure your wallpapering and tiling jobs go without a hitch. To check out more levelling tools, click here.
  1. Carpenter’s Pencil – This useful item will be your best friend when you’re halfway up a ladder and need to mark exactly where your fixture or fitting will go. For example, if you’re designing a built-in kitchen, you might need to mark the height and width of your appliances so you can build your cabinets around them.
  1. Cordless Drill – Whether it’s hanging a picture frame or dismantling shelves, a cordless drill is one of the most important tools at a DIYer’s disposal.
  1. Bucket – In case there’s a leak in the roof or a plumbing issue that needs fixing, it’s always good to have a bucket to hand. And in the summer you can use it to fill the children’s paddling pool!
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