We love relaxing at home, it’s a wonderful place to be when we have spent time building an environment that is ideal and comfortable for us. Whether it’s the children’s school photos on the walls or a specific type of animal print that you love, it’s a personal choice. But it’s your personal touches that make it home. Most of us take inspiration from other people and places, but where do we get this inspiration? How do we use it to our advantage and is it easily done?

Taking DIY Inspiration And Using It Wisely


The internet is an amazing invention, we all love scrolling through Pinterest, looking at interior design accounts on Instagram, and dreaming up some great ideas of our own. But we tend to forget about the books, the magazines and the actual courses created by people who know what they are talking about. It’s always much easier to keep track of our favourite styles and tips via online boards and groups, but there’s something special about creating a scrapbook or mood board. This can organise our thoughts and with the many different colour schemes available you can collect samples to include as well. Watching one of the many DIY shows on TV can also bring up ideas you may never have thought of.

You can also start to shop around online and build up a wish list of your favourite products. You don’t necessarily need to buy everything from the same place, as instead, you can see how you can match different styles together. For instance, if you’re looking for bold colours then Allure’s eco-friendly rug which is made from vibrant fabrics may match well with one of these funky shower curtain designs. Once you find one item, you can search for similar keywords online to see what you can pair it with.

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Making a Plan

So once you know there is something you absolutely must have in your next project, whether that is a specific colour or material, you can really start to build on the theme. Because once you start it will quickly come together. Before long you will have curtains and other furnishings ready to go and wallpaper up. But making a clear plan first will mean you don’t miss something. Of course, it should be a pleasant experience too, but knowing your budget and what you need for example is one way to avoid stress further into your project.

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Putting It Together

The best part of any home makeover is finally putting everything together when you start to see the rewards of your efforts, and you finally understand exactly what you’ve been working towards, you will feel great pride. Taking a trip to pick up the finishing touches, lighting a few candles and really using the space for the first time is an exciting idea. We should be able to enjoy the fruits of our labour and relax fully in our freshly decorated space without any worries. Don’t forget the little personal touches as well, they can really complement and finish a space.

So even though we have a million things to do, adding a home project to the list can actually help with productivity and overall happiness. Just find your inspiration whatever that may be, get the pens and paper ready, draw up your plans and give it a little dash of your personality. You are sure to win guests over with your unique designs and when you decorate your home with care it really shows.

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