Imagine you’re coming home from a long day of work. It’s been raining and you’re cold and wet. You open the door quickly and scurry inside. You stand in the hall, and realise just how drab and unwelcoming your hallway is. Of all the rooms people spend forever tweaking the design of, they always tend to forget about something like the hallway.

If it’s boring and dull, that will be the first impression people have of your home. You don’t want that. If you’ve spent a great deal of time organising and decorating your home, you don’t want the first impression to be coloured that way. So, let’s make it right and find ways to fix up that hallway.

4 Easy Ways To Brighten Up Your Hallway

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A Rug

The problem with a lot of hallways is that they’re just stretches of floor leading off into different rooms. That’s boring. When the only feature of a room is the floor, you know something is wrong. This goes doubly if you’ve got wooden or laminate flooring.

So what can you do? Throw down a rug. A rug adds a little bit of colour and design to your hallway. Not only that but it breaks up the stretch of floor. You want a subtle rug though, some extravagant designs are fine but avoid loud colours. You want the rug to be earthy and warm.

Shelves & Ornaments

A few trinkets up on shelves can really brighten the place up. In this case the recommendation would be metal worked ornaments. Bronze, for example. If you know a machinist or know somewhere that does bespoke metal design, you can get bespoke designed ornaments for that individual flair.

Depending on if you use wood or metal for your shelving, they could come out with too sharp an edge. You could grind the angle down a little with a Bosch GWS9115.

Part of the reason metal ornaments work best is because of light. They’ll reflect light around the room to brighten it up some. If you’ve got a particularly long hallway with only one light fixture, the far corners can be quite dark and dank. The metal ornaments will bounce the light further, and lighten the room considerably.


A few picture frames hanging from the walls helps give the hallway a little character. You could even incorporate the pictures into the stairs. A trail of photographs starting at the hallway and trailing all the way to the top of the stairs.

These could be family photos. Pictures of friends and loved ones alike. If you don’t have that many photographs like that, how about buying photographs and art from auctions and flea markets? It’s a cheap way to make this home improvement.


Don’t go too loud, but if a little bit of colour were spread through the room, you could find the hallway looking significantly better. Plain cream or white walls are classic, but if you aren’t doing anything else to warm the hallway up you should probably reconsider your colour choice.