Budget Bathroom Makeover Ideas


Is your bathroom in need of some TLC, but you don’t have the cash to splash out? If so, then read on, because you have come to the right place. Here are some incredibly simple ideas that can turn the dingiest looking bathroom into something far more comfortable. You can do the lot for next to nothing – and put the savings towards more worthwhile home improvements. Let’s get going straight away.

Change Your Toilet Seat

There isn’t much that separates one toilet from another. They all do pretty much the same thing, and no doubt will continue to do so long into the future. But one thing you can change is the seat. It’s easy to do – just clip it in and that’s about it. Head down to your nearest bathroom shop and have a look around for something a little more glamorous, but still sits nicely within your budget range. It’s quite amazing how this one small change can make such a big difference – so why not give it a go?


This one might take a little while, and you will use a lot of elbow grease. It’s worth it, in the long run, however, and can save you the price of having your entire bathroom retiled. If you have dingy and dirty tiles hanging on your bathroom walls, then cleaning them up can give it an instant lift. You can use a manual grout remover to dig out all the stained and dirty material in between your tiles. Alternatively, you could use an electric one – they are pretty cheap and will save you some arm ache the next morning. Once you have dug all the grout out, you just have to fill in the gaps with your new choice. Try a different grout colour if you want a slightly different look. Once you have finished, your bathroom will look five times better already.

Resurface Your Bath

If you have an old tub in your bathroom, why not resurface it instead of replacing it? It’s a far more cost effective method of revamping your bathroom than paying for the expense of having it ripped out and replaced. Click here to see the sort of prices you can expect, and for some great guides to resurfacing. It’s also an opportunity to add a little uniqueness to your bathroom – why not go for a different colour? Once you have finished, you will be left with a shiny bath that looks as good as new – all without having to borrow money or spend all of your savings.

Add Plants

Plants can really turn a bland and boring bathroom into something a lot more exotic. Choose plants or flowers that thrive in humid environments – palms and orchids are two great examples. Not only will it lift the look of your bathroom, but putting plants in will also help you give your air quality a boost.
As you can see, there are plenty of ways of giving your bathroom a nice new look, without replacing much or spending a lot. Sure, there will be times when you absolutely must get some new pieces, but it’s amazing what you can do – quite easily – with a small budget and a little hard work.