It often feels like everything that can possibly go wrong with our homes will inevitably go wrong at some point.

Whether we are expecting the latch on the window to break, the towel rack to fall as soon as we put a towel on it, or our plumbing to pack in entirely, there is no end of things that can go wrong in the average home!

Common Plumbing Issues

Here are four of the most common plumbing issues homeowners face, and how to deal with them.

Low Water Pressure

This one is easy to spot. You turn on the tap or the shower, and all you are met with is a slow trickle of water. While identifying a lack of pressure is easy, establishing the root cause is not always so simple. If the issue is localised to just one fixture, it is much easier to identify the source of the error.

If the pipe is one that you can easily clean, either physically or chemically, you should do this to try and remove any blockages. If this doesn’t work, call a local plumber, such as Dyno Plumbing Scotland, based in Glasgow.

No Hot Water

No one wants to have to face the early morning routine without the comfort of a warm shower. Waking up early to get washed and dressed in the cold is no one’s idea of fun!

There are a number of problems that can lead to no hot water being available. The most obvious culprit is the boiler itself. If your boiler is faulty, you should have it inspected and replaced as soon as possible.

Pipe Blockages

A reduced or completely stopped flow of water often indicates a blockage in your pipes. Sometimes this makes things inconvenient, but if you end up with a blockage in your sink or toilet, it can cause it to become backed up and overflow. In the case of your toilet, this could cause a major health hazard as well as structural damage.

You might think that cleaning your pipes is just a case of pouring a powerful cleaner down there or even using a specialised cleaning implement. However, if you use or do the wrong thing, you run the risk of causing damage to the pipes themselves. If this happens, you might end up paying more to have repairs done.

Burst Pipes

The most common cause of burst pipes is freezing water. During winter time, if your pipes fill with enough water, it is possible that the freezing temperatures will turn it into ice. As water freezes, it expands. The force can easily be enough to burst your pipes. The other possible cause of a burst pipe is an issue with pressure or pressure control.

Burst pipes will still carry water, spilling it wherever they are located. This can cause major structural damage to your home. If you suspect a burst pipe, call a plumber immediately, and try and locate the source of the leak.

Fortunately, modern plumbing systems are robust and much less failure prone than they once were. On the other hand, most of us aren’t living with shiny new plumbing systems.

There are many plumbing issues that crop up relatively frequently around the home. Knowing how to react to them can save you a lot of money in both plumber bills, and lost water.