5 top tips for your bedroom #SpringCleaning

Once the long winter months have passed, spring is the perfect time of year to inject a new lease of life into your home whether it be with a lick of paint, a clothes haul or redecorating. One thing is for sure, it all begins with a thorough spring clean.

Follow these top tips to achieve that ultimate crisp, spring clean freshness that will leave your bedroom feeling brand new.


Follow these top tips to achieve that ultimate crisp, spring clean freshness that will leave your bedroom feeling brand new:

  1. To keep or not to keep?

Get into the spring clean frame of mind by kicking off with a bedroom de-clutter. If your bedroom is also your home office, organise your paperwork and stationery into neat folders and boxes, this will also help to organise your workload.

Reduce decorative items that are dotted around the room, too many will only make your room look busy and take away the effect. Making extra space in your wardrobe is also a great way begin your spring clean, try and get rid of 10 items of clothing that you haven’t worn in the past year and take them to the charity shop, be rigorous!

  1. Fresh bedding

Sprucing up your bed with brand new sheets and luxurious bedding will really complete that spring clean feel. Think crisp cotton sheets or even maximising comfort with a mattress topper.

The bed is the centrepiece of the bedroom, so experimenting with different patterned duvet covers can totally transform the look of the room. Rather than putting it straight in the bin, recycle your old bedding or keep it for when you have guests.

  1. Wash your duvets & pillows
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Putting your actual duvet and pillows through the wash will give your bed the ultimate clean feeling. It’s recommended that pillows are washed every 3-6 months to diminish the build-up of dead skin cells, dust mites and bacteria.

Premium bedding company, Snuggledown is stocking its Wash & Dry Me Duck range which offers all of the qualities of thick, lavish bedding combined with a special washable finish, ideal for the cleaning season. Wash & Dry Me’s 230 thread count pure cotton cover and soft duck down cluster filing creates a light, yet warm and durable duvet.

For allergy sufferers, Wash & Dry Me Hollowfibre is also available as a synthetic alternative made with a polyester cotton cover in a special stich pattern to hold in the fine hollowfibre filling – an ideal option for allergy sufferers which is equally as soft and sumptuous.

  1. Clean cleverly

Think of those nooks and crannies in your bedroom that you don’t usually touch in the weekly house clean. Pull out furniture and hoover over the areas underneath.

It may seem labour intensive but putting in extra effort during your spring clean will mean you don’t have to revisit these areas in a few months’ time.

  1. Finishing touches!

Often it’s the finer details which really bring a room to life. Once you’ve done all of the hard work cleaning and de-cluttering, keep your room feeling fresh and radiant with finishing touches such as scented candles and reed diffusers.

Light scents such as fresh cotton, lavender or sandalwood will give a real essence of spring as well as aiding a restful night’s sleep.

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