Experts at Contura have created a guide of the top interior trends for 2020:

  • Biophilic design & bringing nature indoors
  • Colour of the year: Classic Blue
  • Focus on natural & organic materials
  • Minimalism continues to dominate
Interior design trends
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The world of interior design continues to evolve and change, and with 2020 only eight months away, Catharina Björkman, lifestyle expert at Swedish wood-burning stove brand, Contura, has curated the top homes and interiors trends to watch out for.

If you’re looking for creative inspiration and to be ahead of the curve, read on for tips on how to incorporate the latest design trends into your home.

  • Forget ‘fast furniture’

“Much like the fashion industry, consumers are increasingly looking for well-made, quality designs with longevity,” says Catharina. “When it comes to choosing items for your home, don’t automatically opt for the cheapest option. Shop around for pieces that will last for many years and treat purchases as an investment.

  • Bring the outdoors in

“Biophilia is a word we are seeing used more when it comes to interior design, and it refers to our human instinct and desire to interact with nature. We are seeing this translate in the home in terms of adding greenery and houseplants, and this is a trend expected to continue in 2020. The humble houseplant has certainly seen a revival in recent years from its 1970s origins, and sales of plants continue to grow, particularly amongst millennials.

“Not only do plants add to the overall aesthetic and brighten up a drab space, but they can also improve air quality, boost air circulation and help to remove airborne toxins, pollen, bacteria and mould. Spider plants, ferns, cacti, aloe vera and cheese plants are all easy to care for, but you can always choose faux plants and avoid watering all together!

  • Colour of 2020: Classic Blue

“Classic Blue is predicted to be big in 2020. This dusky hue is both soothing and relaxing. Try updating your bathroom or kitchen tiles for an on-trend look, or you could reupholster an armchair, buy some new cushion covers, or repaint a chest of drawers for a more subtle nod to the trend.

  • Natural materials

“Increasingly, people will be looking for handcrafted designs, and opting for traditional and organic materials wherever possible. Wood, glass, brick and stone, along with rattan and wicker, will be the home décor materials of choice, for both durability and natural aesthetic. Drawing on the raw beauty of imperfect finishes, this trend is about making natural materials look effortlessly stylish. Try adding woven baskets, a rattan chair or unvarnished natural wooden crates or shelves for a very Scandi look.

  1. Minimalist design

“Micro-living may not be the norm just yet, however our homes are continuing to shrink in terms of square footage, and smaller spaces mean we need to be smarter with our interiors. Coupled with the popularity of the Marie Condo decluttering method, minimalist interiors are expected to stay put throughout 2020.

“Remember, less is definitely more to achieve this look: it’s clean, fuss-free and inspires a sense of calm. Select a simple, neutral wall colour and furnishings, remove excess clutter and choose practical, multi-purpose furniture, such as a footstool with built in storage compartment to double up as a place to keep magazines, books or loose papers.

  • Home office style

“The global workforce and the demise of the traditional office is reshaping how we work, especially given the rising popularity of remote working. The home office will therefore develop into a more valued room in the home and will require a balance of function and design to allow for maximum productivity.

“Ergonomic, comfortable furniture, good lighting and a creative, invigorating space will be key themes. Add interesting art pieces, invest in proper lighting and choose a comfortable desk and chair to get the most from your home work space.”

  • Love for Lagom

“With an increasing number of us looking to embrace a more balanced lifestyle, it comes as no surprise that the Swedish term, ‘lagom,’ meaning ‘just the right amount,’ has resonated with so many people. In terms of interior design, lagom can be interpreted as ditching clutter, fuss and embellishment and favouring a simpler, more curated look.

“Regularly decluttering, embracing natural and sustainable materials, choosing pared-back design and adding lots of greenery will help to create an environment that is both balanced and calming, capturing the essence of a lagom interior.”

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