For us entrepreneurs, the home office is an important part of every home. A place for organising your important documents and files, you need a desk, a chair and storage space, but after that, space is yours to do what you will with. Until quite recently, I used to use my shabby chic dining chair as my office chair, until a recent upgrade.  #MYCHAIRSTYLE is a beautiful, contemporary Cream Linen Giovanni Chair with back metal ring and stud detailing. Designed with comfort, style in mind, this chair oozes sophistication. Furniture At Work has put together a great infographic (below) which Matches a Celebrity Style to the Ultimate Office Chair, so my question for you is:

Which celebrity are you?

Home Office

So how do you decorate?

Industrial Style

Combine elements of industrial décor and contemporary accessories for a home office that doesn’t have its own room. If you need to marry your home office style with your living room style, for example, then an industrial aesthetic offers an interesting minimal take that will go well with a range of other styles.

Think pipe-work instead of your desk legs, lots of metal and minimal lighting for a chic factory style.

Mid-century Style

If you’d rather go all Mad Men and opt for a retro 1950s style, then natural materials are your friend. Go for wood primarily, and keep the same type of wood throughout. Choose a paler wood for an updated look, or mahogany tones for a classic vintage look. Your desk should have round edges, be very streamlined with long thin legs for that authentic mid-century style.

Rustic Style

Industrial and midcentury styles can be quite masculine, so if your aesthetic is more feminine, then the rustic style is shabby chic at its best. If you’re squeezing a home office space into a living room, then choose a slimline desk or console table in the same colour palette and style as the rest of your room. Choose pastel colours and pop a fabric covered pin board for your notes, notices and samples.

Eclectic Style

The eclectic style is a hard one to perfect, though it looks great when you get it right. Combining vintage, industrial and modern styles together creates a rich interesting style that will lift your home office out of the ordinary. A style like this is normally something that evolves over time, so as long as you edit well, then it will work. The organised mess approach your accessories complements an eclectic style beautifully.

Contemporary Style

The contemporary style for home offices is simple but beautiful. Think white walls, modern styling in furniture and pops of colour through your accessories. A simple Ikea desk made beautiful through carefully picked patterns and bold accessories is a cheap but chic way to get the contemporary look.

So whichever style makes your heart sing and your head focus, this is the style you should go to your home office.