2020 is well underway now. Christmas is a distant memory and the spring bulbs are already beginning to add a little colour to our gardens. Whilst many people think of spring as the ideal time to start all those outside jobs on their homes there are some indoor jobs that are worth doing before the weather gets too warm.

Installing Hardwood Flooring in Spring

You might not be aware of it but when it comes to installing hardwood flooring in your home then spring is the best time to have the work done. Here we will look at just why you should consider installing new hardwood flooring in the spring.


When you have work carried out in your home you will find that your door will be opened and closed on a regular basis as people come and go, first removing the old flooring from your home and then bringing in tools and the new flooring. This constant opening and closing of your doors will have an effect on the temperature in your home.

During the winter this change in temperature may cause your heating to go into overdrive as it tries to cope with the constant changes. This won’t be good for your energy bills. The same could be said in the summer if you are fortunate enough to have an air conditioning unit as it will affect the way in which it runs.

One other very important thing to consider when it comes to choosing the best time of year for installing Ash wood flooring or indeed any other type of hardwood flooring is that this type of flooring needs treating carefully. All hardwood flooring needs to be given sufficient time in order to acclimatise to the temperature in your home in order to ensure that it can be fitted correctly.

During the summer months, it can be very humid outside which means that your hardwood flooring may absorb more moisture, and this can result in swelling. When your flooring is fitted it will dry out in the temperature of your home and this will result in the boards shrinking and pulling away from each other slightly. There may also be some cracking which occurs. During the spring months, moisture and humidity levels in the air are at their most consistent levels making this the best time to have new hardwood flooring fitted.

Dust and mess

Before you can install your new flooring you will need to take up the old floor covering in your home. Whether this is carpet, laminate or wood flooring there is a good chance that it will produce a fair amount of dust. It is also highly likely that your new hardwood flooring will also produce dust whilst it is being fitted.

A number of the products that are used to fit your flooring and treat it such as adhesive removers, sealers and a range of stains can produce fumes and odours. Because of this and of course the dust you will want to ensure that your home is well ventilated for the health and safety of everyone.

This is best achieved by opening a window or two. In the winter this will result in your house becoming too cold whilst in summer it may become too hot, full of pollen or even insects. The weather in spring is neither too cold nor too hot making it the ideal time to be able to open windows to ventilate your home during the installation of your hardwood flooring.