For decades, wood flooring has been a mainstay in interior design. Its tendency to fit in almost anywhere, with any kind of style, means it’s been utilised in everything from contemporary homes to traditional workspaces. Now there’s a new trend emerging, which takes the popularity of wooden floors and extends their style onto walls. But what’s the big deal with wooden feature walls?

They work almost anywhere

Contrary to preconceptions of the trend, wooden feature walls are just as at home in a traditional setting as they are in modern designs. A dark and old-looking wood style can be the perfect addition to an old-fashioned living room, whereas a contemporary bedroom may benefit from a lighter, brighter wood style. Wood is now seen on the walls of kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms – almost anywhere in the home. Although there are some things to consider – wood is especially susceptible to frequent changes in temperature and levels of moisture. So, if you are considering using it in bathrooms, wood-effect solutions may be better than the real thing. In the kitchen, engineered wood flooring works better. It’s less vulnerable to changes in heat due to its multiple layers, therefore mitigating the risk of warping and expansion.

There’s a huge range of styles

Whether you’re going for solid wood, engineered wood, or wood a substitute such as laminate, you definitely won’t be short of choice when it comes to choosing your wall. From white oak boards to complement a minimalistic style, to a rich mahogany adding the feeling of warmth, the colours available are endless. If you’re looking for exceptional durability, engineered wood flooring’s composing layers give it added strength. However, solid wood and laminate are still great options. They’re definitely a shoe-in for lasting much longer than standard wallpaper or paint! The variation in styles you can go for also gives you control over the price you pay for a wood flooring feature wall. The different styles available mean that there’s different price points, and one to suit every budget.

Aesthetic benefits

Using a wooden feature wall can help to create the illusion of a more spacious room. If you’ve already got wood flooring, lay your wall wood in the same direct as the flooring. The added horizontal or vertical lines will make the room seem wider or longer, respectively. If your current walls have unsightly imperfections or have been damaged in the past, a wood floor feature wall is great for covering them up. In addition, wood on your walls is something that’s quirky and still fairly original. It makes your style stand out, and can take an easily forgettable room in your home and turn it into a main talking point. The aesthetic benefits are difficult to refute.

If you’d like a wooden feature wall in your home or office, then it needs to be laid how a floor would be. The sub-floor needs to be properly prepared, and it needs sufficient support to make it look beautiful for years to come. Consulting a professional is always recommended.