If you are looking to add a personal touch to your next event or dinner party, creating your own centrepieces can be an excellent way to achieve this. A well-crafted centrepiece can set the tone for the occasion, whether it’s a wedding reception, birthday celebration, or just a simple dinner with friends

Transform Your Table With These Stunning & Creative DIY Centrepiece Ideas

Natural floral centrepiece

Creating a floral centrepiece is a classic way to add natural beauty to any table setting. To make a floral centrepiece, start by selecting your preferred flowers and greenery. You can use fresh flowers, which are lovely but short-lived, or faux flowers, which can be reused for future events. Fresh flowers are proven to improve emotional health, so it is beneficial to choose real flowers if you have time to swap them out from time to time.  Choose colours that complement your theme or decor, and select varying heights and textures to create depth and interest.

Next, select a container that fits your style and flowers. A clear glass vase works well for a classic look, while a wooden box or rustic container adds a country touch. Cut the stems of the flowers to the desired length and arrange them in the container, starting with the largest blooms in the centre and working outwards with smaller flowers and greenery. Add water to the vase and trim the stems again if needed. To add a finishing touch, tie a ribbon or twine around the vase or add a few floating candles to the water.


Stunning decorated glass vase

A decorated glass vase centrepiece is an easy and stylish way to add a personal touch to your table. One simple way to achieve this is by using spray paint to create unique and colourful designs on plain glass vases. Start by cleaning and drying the vase, then use painter’s tape to cover any areas you do not want to paint. Spray a light, even coat of paint over the exposed areas, and allow it to dry. Fat Buddha’s article outlines more important steps you should take when using glass spray paints for DIY projects at home.

Once dry, remove the painter’s tape, and you will have a beautiful, decorated vase ready to use for your floral centrepiece. You can use any colour or pattern to match your theme or decor. A painted glass vase adds an extra level of interest to your floral centrepiece, making it stand out even more.

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Low-maintenance terrarium jars

Terrarium jars are a unique and modern take on traditional centrepieces. These small glass jars can be filled with various plants and succulents, creating a miniature garden that adds a touch of greenery to any table setting.

To make a terrarium jar, start by selecting your preferred plants or succulents, such as cacti, air plants or mosses, and choose a jar that fits your style and size preferences. Fill the jar with sand, gravel, pebbles or soil, depending on the plants you choose, and arrange them in the jar, layering the plants as you go. You can also add decorative rocks, shells or moss to create texture and interest. Terrarium jars are low maintenance and can last for a long time, making them a great choice for long-lasting centrepieces that can be reused for future events.

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Usable stand for your table with books

Creating a centrepiece for your coffee table using old books is a unique and creative way to add character and interest to your living room. To make this centrepiece, gather a few old books in various sizes and colours. Stack them in a pyramid shape, with the largest book at the bottom and the smallest at the top. You can also use a bookstand to display one book open to a favourite page. Once you have arranged the books to your liking, add a decorative item on top, such as a vase of flowers, a small plant, or a decorative bowl.

This centrepiece is perfect for a coffee table as it adds a touch of personality and nostalgia while also being functional. You can choose books that reflect your interests or hobbies, making this centrepiece a great conversation starter.

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Simple wooden lantern

A wooden lantern centrepiece is a great way to add a rustic touch to your table setting. To make this centrepiece, you will need a wooden box, a few candles, and a lantern. Start by placing the lantern in the middle of the wooden box. Next, add the candles around the lantern, making sure they are different heights and sizes for visual interest. You can also add some moss or greenery to the wooden box to add texture and fill any empty spaces.

If desired, you can also paint the wooden box to match your decor. This centrepiece is perfect for a fall or winter event, creating a cosy and warm atmosphere. The wooden box adds a touch of natural beauty, and the lantern provides a soft and flickering light that sets the mood.

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