Do you know that some of the worlds most sought after interior designers are in the UK? This is why the UK is often looked after as one of the leading places for interior design trends. 

It is not surprising that interior designs have taken a twist over the years, and this is because UK interior designers have been unveiling some outstanding designs year in, year out.

Interior designs now serve not only beauty but also pleasure, which is why individuals search for outstanding designs for their homes.

Fortunately, some fantastic and high profile interior décor decided to share with us ideas of some of the top interior designs. So here are the top trendy designs for your home.

Top Interior Design Trends To Make Your Home Unique

1. Mix Checks and Stripe

Usually, combining both checks and stripes was forbidden in the world of interior décor. But now, the reverse is the case. This new design trend that combines both checks and stripes is classic.

You can mix them in various scales to get a perfect and elegant look. Drapery patterned in a beautifully patterned striped cushion, and a nicely patterned check wall will soften the effect and depict pure magic.

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2. Curve is the New Straight

Gone are those days when straight edges give the vibes. Now, delicately patterned, curved furniture has stolen the love and attention of home décor. Shaped and curvy organic furniture have been giving a lot of attention.

If you are a lover of ceramics, get curvy furnishings in the living room and assemble some lovely pieces of ceramics behind them. Let the lighting sit on them and behold the elegance. The curved and smooth furniture will draw all the attention, letting all gaze linger.

The same goes for mirrors, furniture, artworks, and all.

3. Get Some Gloss

Are you still getting bored of seeing glossy paints in the house? That’s the new trend. Glossy designs are now used to add some class and elegance to indoor decors. It is now even used on beds, palettes, and more, to give your home the high shine impact

4. Be Bold with Colors

Do you have palettes? Now, using two primary colours on a pallet gives it a unique, artistic look.

It is a great way to add some colours to your living room or bedroom. Adding such vibrant colours also makes the piece outstanding from others.

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5. Textured Designs

Says goodbye to plain surfaces as textured designs are taking over. It all began with fluted glass panes, three-dimensional wallpaper, tiles with a tactile twist, and now furniture.

Woodworks such as wardrobes, cabinets, drawers, sideboards, and desks have said goodbye to smooth surfaces. They now come in a thin, slat-like groove design to give it a more decorative twist.

Even walls are now designed to be tactile and textured, bringing elegance to interiors. Some built-in wardrobes even have cutaway cane panels.


6. Use Biophilic Designs

Biophilic design is one of the trendy designs in the interior world today, and it is a design that centres on the connection of humans to nature.

In other words, it is all about bringing nature in and indoors designs out. This design is gaining more attention as a lot of people are now living in the city and want to carry that natural feel along.

The truth is that nature has its impact, and it’s beneficial to our health. So people are spending time bringing plants to their balconies, patios and gardens. There has been a report of a 419 per cent increase in sales of plants for years.

7. Get Wall Murals

Interior designers are now craving murals. Beautifying the interiors with tropical wallpapers having beautiful, lively patterns is perfect.

Some murals even have textured designs woven into them and some bold colours. If you can’t get murals, you can go for some wall stickers

We’ve also seen the growth of wall stickers in the UK over the years. You can look out for these stickers from Apex, Vinyl Impression, Wallop and many others. 

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8. Flexible Spaces

In the past, spaces were used for the specific purpose they were designed for, like living room, dining area, etc. But now, interiors are designed in more unusual ways as people now want to have spaces that they can use for different purposes. This also allows them to make the most of their space.

This trend is beneficial for people who live in smaller apartments. They can get fold-out tables and chairs, making it easy to change a small space into a dining or living room, depending on what you want. There is also the need to use furniture with wheels.

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9. Maximalism

If you are a lover of colours, then you will love the maximalist interior décor. It entails beautiful and colourful decorations, clashing prints, and fascinating articles around the house to give a free-spirited look.

The looks include a mix of cushions with various colours, furniture, wallpapers, and paints to give a creative and playful design.

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We have listed the top interior design trend that has welcomed both designers around the world. So you can go ahead and choose any of the trends that are best for you.