Rising electricity bills are not uncommon. In this case, many people decide to switch to a different tariff or start heating rooms with gas. If you don’t want to resort to extreme measures, you should study simple ways to keep your home warm:

  • open your curtains when the sun is shining and close them after dusk;
  • use energy-saving lamps;
  • prevent water from running unnecessarily;
  • use your tumble dryer less.

It is also worth paying attention to the condition of your glass unit. If it has cracks in the wooden sash, there is mould, fittings don’t work well, this can lead to a worsening of functionality. In this case, it is worth contacting Chameleon Decorators to restore your window and keep your home warm.

Tips to cut your electric bill in half
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Draught-proof your home

One of the most effective ways to improve the energy efficiency of your windows is to install a draft shield. An innovative perimeter sealing system is used for this purpose. The site contains modern solutions that allow you to reduce the flow of cold air into your rooms and increase the level of noise insulation. Dust and moisture from the street will not get into your premises, and it will become much more comfortable to be in your house.

Make your home energy efficient
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Install secondary glazing

To install additional glazing, you don’t need a new glass unit. It is enough to select the suitable double-glazed sashes that will be installed in the existing box. An array of natural wood is used in manufacturing wooden elements, which will serve you for many years. The appearance of your window will not change, and the functionality of your glass unit will improve several times.

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The timber window is draughty

Secondary glazing can also be used to eliminate drafts. The house will be safer since it is not possible to open the window from the outside. You will no longer hear extraneous noise, and the charm and beauty of your windows will remain the same. Such methods of timber windows restoration are completely imperceptible, so they don’t reduce the value of your house.

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Upgrade your curtains

Another way to cut energy usage is to close your curtains. This is true at a time of day when the sun stops shining through the window and your room no longer heats up. In this case, your room will look cosy and aesthetically pleasing, and cold air from the street will not penetrate into your house. To increase the level of thermal insulation, you need to choose heavy curtains or blinds, which will help the heat to be reliably kept inside.

Choosing the Right Curtains
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Don’t forget that you need to check the condition of your glass unit regularly, as well as carry out the refurbishment of your windows. Together with the described methods of increasing your level of energy efficiency, you will notice an excellent result – your home will become much quieter and more comfortable, and the cold air from the street will not penetrate into the heated