There’s no doubt about it, property improvements can be incredibly costly, but don’t let a small budget hold you back. Whether you are looking to sell your house quickly, or want to turn your current property into your forever home, these tips from Quick Move Now will help you make the best of your property, whatever your budget.

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If you’ve got £30,000+ to spend…an extension will likely be your best move. Adding extra square footage to the footprint of your property will always add value. Think wisely about the best way to add space though and ensure you seek professional advice to create the most cost effective and beneficial addition.

If you’ve got £20,000 to spend…the addition of a utility room will make your property nicer to live in now and a great, value-adding addition for the future. Open plan living is very ‘en vogue’ right now, but being able to hear your washing machine while you’re trying to relax and having the family and pets walk mud through your house are definitely not! A utility is a great place to keep your laundry appliances and also creates a valuable space between your living areas and the great outdoors, and it’s high up on the ‘must have’ list for potential buyers.

If you’ve got £10,000 to spend…consider a garage conversion. Again, this is a great and affordable way to add an extra room to your house. Very few people actually keep vehicles in their garages these days, so it’s easy for them to just become underused and very expensive storage space. An extra reception room could add as much as five to ten per cent to the value of your property so it’s a worthwhile investment.

If you’ve got £5,000 to spend…a new kitchen could add as much as six per cent to the value of your property! The kitchen tends to be a ‘make or break’ room during a property viewing, and as one of the rooms that we spend most of our time in it’s a room that’s worth doing well. Keep things fairly neutral in order to appeal to the widest audience.

If you’ve got £1,000 to spend…you can still do a lot to your property! You might not have the funds to do a major overhaul, but £1,000 will easily cover the cost of replacing some worn flooring or the paint needed for a whole house ‘refresh’. Accessories are also key in changing the feel of a room and bringing it up to date. Fresh greens, soft pinks, creamy yellows and dewy blue are all set to be popular colours for interior design this Spring!