When you spot a hole that shouldn’t be there in your home’s walls, it’s easy to panic. It’s equally common to think that the problem will disappear on its own and wait for the issue to get more significant before dealing with it.

Neither of these approaches is appropriate. Whether it’s a small or large hole, on the interior or exterior of your home, dealing with the issue quickly is vital.

If you leave the hole, then it could become worse, so you should act promptly to ensure the safety of your home and its occupants.

To help, here are some handy tips on how to deal with a hole in your home’s walls and get it sorted out as soon as possible.

Notice Holes In Your Walls Here's What You Need To Do Next

Try To Uncover The Cause And Fix It

When you first notice the hole, you should try to work out what the cause is, so that you can deal with that as well as the hole itself. For example, if you notice that the hole is on an exterior wall and was caused by nibbling, then the cause might be mice or another small rodent. Alternatively, if you spot pecking and twigs, then it could be a bird trying to nest on the outside of your home and causing damage. Even if the damage isn’t caused by a pest, they could enter through the hole if it’s left open, even for a short amount of time. Consider pest control from experts, such as DK Environmental. This pest control provider from East Sussex can help you to identify and eradicate any unwelcome guests in your home.

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Consider Fixing The Hole Yourself

While dealing with the cause is vital, it’s also important that you fill in the hole itself as soon as possible. If the hole is small or on an internal wall, then you could consider fixing it yourself. You can fill a small hole in with filler or consider replastering and painting the wall so that the damage is fixed and your home looks as good as new.

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Call In The Professionals For More Complex Damage

For more extensive damage, you should consult a professional. It might not be necessary to hire a builder; often, a handyman will do, but you need to hire a professional. Learn what to look for when choosing a handyman, so that you can find the perfect professional to complete the job and seal up the hole. Read reviews of the handyman’s services online, and ask for recommendations to find someone who can help with the project and any future home repairs that you might require.

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Final Thoughts

Holes in the walls of your home can be a sign of a potentially serious problem. By being proactive and dealing with the issue promptly, you’ll ensure that it doesn’t become something significantly worse and more expensive to fix. These tips should help you to deal with the issue practically and know what to do the next time you spot damage to your home’s walls.