When you move into a property, you most likely arrive with a few (or a lot!) of tweaks that you want to add to the place. You know, a splash of paint, new flooring, or perhaps different curtains – if they’re leaving theirs behind – that kind of thing. Likewise, you might just want to move into a place that’s already perfect for you.

Before leaving a house, some homeowners might wonder why they should bother spending money restoring somewhere they’re not going to enjoy themselves. However, some properties need a complete refurbishment, and so this will likely bring down the value of the house if nothing is done about it. If you’re not at least selling the house in a condition that’s appealing, it’ll also be difficult for buyers to imagine living there at all – even if their intention is to do it all up again anyway. There are a few ways to check your property is up to local standards when selling it, but in the meantime, why not have a little fun speculating to accumulate? Who knows? You might not want to move after all!

Freshen It Up

You don’t have to be the best interior designer in the world to prepare your home for a sale. Giving the property a fresh lick of paint will make it seem much more appealing, and choosing neutral colours will especially help because it makes the place lighter, bigger, and more adaptable initially to a wider range of needs.

Fix Up!

Much like with tidying, it’s important the little things are fixed in order to make the right first impression for people looking to buy. It doesn’t look great, for example, if a door handle breaks off in their hands, because it makes them wonder what other little headaches are going to spring out of the woodwork! So make sure you look into property refurbishment services.

Keep A Bit Of Personality.

Despite wanting neutral colours to let your prospective buyers’ imaginations run wild, there will undoubtedly be some who perhaps need a little more help! Keeping some homely, personal aspects in your house when holding viewings will let them see the potential for their own family. If it’s possible for your home to have a bit of ‘character’, like these ones, then do it, play up to your home’s existing strengths, quirks and all.

Tidy Up!

A tidy home doesn’t necessarily mean a more valuable home, but it does mean you have a home people are much more likely to want. Have you left dishes out? Are the windows drab and mouldy? Is there clutter everywhere? These things sounds so obvious, but they’re important!


Small touches such as lighting candles, having the family positive and there to greet buyers, and putting out fresh towels and fancy soaps in your bathrooms could really go a long way.