I used to live next to a lovely lady who I’d speak to regularly, and I even used to play with her children when I myself was a child. Despite the fact that she was a kind person, she harboured a bit of a secret (don’t we all!). However, her “secret” was less of a secret than those of others, because she became a little bit notorious for it. It was a “little obvious” shall we say.

No, she wasn’t a criminal, thankfully! But she was known for peeking. This woman (let’s call her Anne), wasn’t creepy or anything like that. She was just a little bit obsessed with us neighbours, and would always be found poking her head through “sorry” adjusting (!) her curtains and blinds. Call it judgmental, call it whatever you want, but we’d always feel under scrutiny and Anne just loved to gossip.

So, who’s the culprit on your street? Are you being watched? Honestly, the answer is “most probably”. Your very own road might have its own little version of “Keeping Up With The Kardashians“, with you as the unsuspecting star. Of course, nobody can see into your home unless you invite them, but the outside of your property leaves a lot to be surmised. As this article says, first impressions really count! To be in good standing, you might want to think about doing some work on the exterior of your home.

Paint, Paint, Paint!

Paint your front door, and any other exterior aspects which can be rejuvenated by a bit of brightening. It’s not just your visitors or neighbours who’ll benefit, you will too, when you’re greeted by something pleasant to look at upon your return home!

Keep Up With The Gardening!

The garden will probably be the first thing anyone notices about your home, and there’s a lot that can be done, even if you don’t have a lot to work with. Of course, if you have rolling landscapes, you can hire a gardener, but if not, it’s easy to do a little sprucing here and there. No grass? No problem.

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With a little bit of aggregate, you can create a work of beauty to make anyone jealous!Remember though, if it gets to the point where you’re starting to worry about competition getting too intense though, that’s where you might have a problem on your hands!


Have your children got a million toys strewn across the grass? Or perhaps you have a load of rubbish you’re not disposing of neatly? Whatever it is, if the property looks a general mess from the outside, it’s bound to get tongues wagging about what the outside looks like, whether that’s fair or not.