As the author, Melissa McClone wrote, “Life takes you to unexpected places. Love brings you home.” Although this adage almost always holds true, it has extra value on Valentine’s Day. This year have Valentine’s Day date at home. Here’s how you can fill your home with lovely details of love.

Be My Valentine

1. Romantic photos:

Display your wedding photos and other romantic photos around the house then find them all together. Walkthrough your home together and talk about the stories the pictures tell.

2. Flowers:

There is nothing like a beautiful bouquet of red roses to make your home feel ready for Valentine’s Day. Display a few bouquets in your bedroom and on the dining room table. Feeling extra romantic? Scatter rose petals in a heart shape on your bed.

3. Candles:

Light scented candles in your living room, kitchen, and bedroom. Candles are soft, romantic, and can change the ambience of any room.


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4. Gifts:

Knowing what to get your special lady for Valentine’s Day is tough going. From amazing pamper sets to semi-permanent make-up, there are plenty of brilliant ideas for all budgets, meaning you needn’t break the bank!

5. Date night activities:

Cook a decadent dinner together then set the table and eat by candlelight. Hang a sheet on a large wall and use it as a movie projector. Watch your favourite romantic movie and share popcorn. Move your living room furniture and dance to love songs.

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Rachel Binks, Stylist at Hillarys:

“Decorating your dining table for Valentines is a fun and creative activity and the end result means you’ll have a beautiful dinner setting for spending some quality time with your loved one. Pinks and reds are of course the most traditional Valentines colours and sometimes traditional can work best. A blush pink tablecloth and runner down the centre of your table acts as a perfect base in which you can add romantic inspired accessories, like tall standing candles and napkins. A bunch of flowers add freshness to the centre of the table, especially if you opt for amorous flowers, like roses or orchids. In hope that the sunshine makes an appearance in February, ensure you utilise natural light as much as possible for shining in, brightening your table and giving it that natural glow.”

6. Details:

Add details like heart cut-outs, heart-shaped garland, and your favourite candy.

Setting the mood is the first step. Turn the lights down, set out some wine glasses, and enjoy a nice evening with your loved one!