Rewined & Roam Candles by 42 Pressed

Kiran Singh

Rewined & Roam Candles

Rewined candles

Rewined candles are handcrafted in Charleston, South Carolina and are made from repurposed wine and champagne bottles. They are available in eight wine-inspired scents, from Merlot to Rose, and are made from an all-natural soy wax with a cotton wick. “We pride ourselves on handcrafting each of our candles in order to ensure an original product of the highest quality. After collecting thousands of discarded bottles, we seek to fill these empty vessels with new life. First we carefully cut each bottle by hand. Next, we pour premium natural soy wax, laced with our intoxicating blend of fragrances. Each fragrance is designed to mimic the flavours and aromas you’ll find in your favourite varietal of wine”.

Roam by 42 Pressed

Roam by 42 Pressed candles and prints are inspired by cities in the USA and around the World. The line of Roam candles have distinctive notes that capture the essence of each city they represent. The letterpress and shiny copper foiled prints complement the candle range and are printed onto 100 LB paper. 42 Pressed is a letterpress and design studio founded by creative director Jackie Hall Robinson in Charleston, South Carolina. She specialised in graphic design and makes and creates all of her products from her farm studio.

Rewined & Roam Candles

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