exterior wood care


A wide variety of cleaning agents are available for everything from maintenance washing and algae removal to strong facade cleaners which will effectively dull old paint in preparation for fresh paint coats. We recommend wetting the surface with a garden hose first to prevent cleaning agents from absorbing into exposed wood. Never use high pressure washers as they can damage the wood or shoot water into joints. A garden hose with a scrubber attachment is a great tool for facade maintenance.


Always cover windows, gutters, foundation and plants around the house before washing and painting facades. Sikkens Cetol Filter 7 Plus is highly durable with a medium build for a translucent, satin finish that brings out the natural beauty of the grain underneath. It will preserve your timber against the damaging effects of sunlight and weathering too. Sikkens Cetol HLS Plus is a low build, solvent-based, semi-gloss woodstain, it is ideal for using on exterior softwood and hardwood substrates such as cladding, fascias, soffits, rough sawn timber and fencing.

Protection does not only involve the house, but also the user. Always protect the eyes and hands when working with cleaning agents. Even though Kent Blaxill’s paints are waterborne and environmentally adapted, avoid unnecessary skin contact and always use respiratory protection (particle filters) when spraying.


Wood components must be dry at the time of painting – we recommend that the moisture level is measured and no more than 16%.

Pay particular attention to treating end grains, joints and nail heads, and take care to follow recommended coverage so that the paint is not spread too thinly. It is possible to apply most paints with a roller or spray gun provided that it is brushed afterwards to be properly worked into the wood fibres.

Hewn or planed wood has a very smooth surface which needs a good sanding before treatment to facilitate penetration and thereby adhesion.

Cold or humid weather prolongs drying times. The surface temperature should always be above 7 degrees C, but avoid painting in direct sunlight or on surfaces already hot from such. Do not paint if there is a threat of rain or if dew is likely to form within 1-2 hours of finishing.

Keep in mind…

With the exception of tinting to your colour of choice, Kent Blaxill’s paints are delivered ready to use – thinning is not required unless specified in instructions. We recommend securing a sufficient amount of paint from the same batch for your project or complement at natural break-points like the corners of a house.