Working on a construction site in the UK is fraught with danger so it is necessary to take all the necessary precautions that you can to protect yourself and your fellow workers. There are so many things that can happen on a construction site and it doesn’t matter how health and safety conscious you are, accidents are going to happen. If an accident is going to occur, then it is best to be prepared for such events and the best way to do that is to have safety gear available to everyone. This includes all tradespeople, but also other occupations that may need to come on-site. Engineers, architects and health and safety personnel as well as government inspectors, all need to be wearing safety gear to protect themselves from falling debris.

The Benefits Of Wearing The Right Safety Gear On a Construction Site in the UK

Construction workwear comes in many forms and may include hard hats, safety glasses, earplugs and respirators this is safety workwear that needs to be worn by the workers, contractors and anyone else who is visiting the site to protect them from the many hazards like general accidents that exist on a modern building site.

In order to follow UK health and safety laws, your business must stick to the safety regulations in place and that means that you have to, as an employer, provide all the necessary safety gear available. There are a number of reliable UK-approved retailers who can provide all the necessary construction workwear and safety wear that you need.

When looking for the right workwear, you need to look for workwear that is very tough in its design, it needs to be long-lasting and also in good condition. Providing a safe workplace for your employees is necessary and there are many benefits to wearing safety gear for the job.

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  1. Head Injury Protection – Hard hats are an essential piece of kit when working on a construction site. Lots of things can happen and workers who are up high on scaffolding may drop tools or construction materials so you need to protect your head from this. Protecting the head is essential as there may be hanging objects or stationary objects that you don’t see or notice and you want to avoid head impacts always.
  2. Hand Protection – We use our hands constantly, but this makes them vulnerable to injury. On a construction site, there’s plenty of equipment that can cut or crush your hands, so you need protective gloves from a site like to keep them safe. Nobody wants to lose a finger, but gloves can make a huge difference.
  3. Foot and Leg Protection – Wearing the correct safety shoes and guards to protect your feet is needed to protect you from leg and foot injuries. Leggings that are made from a strong material like leather, protect you from rolling objects, sharp objects, hot metal and electrical hazards.
  4. Eye and Face Protection – Safety goggles, special helmets with face shields, and glasses with side shields are just some of the safety gear available to use. On a building site, there are lots of dangers for the face and eyes like sparks from welding, chips of concrete from hammering and shaping, eye damage when welding and also dust from around the site.

Having the right construction workwear and safety workwear for all your workers is essential if you are to follow the health and safety rules in the UK and keep your workers safe while they complete their jobs.

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