How To Reduce Your Home Energy Bill

Kiran Singh

It is crazy how those bills start to build up if you do not keep an eye on them. We can spend a fortune heating and lighting our home without even realising why. This is especially true if there are a lot of people living in the house. Imagine a family of four. They are all in separate rooms. That means four different lights are switched on. Four taps are running. Four televisions, laptops and Ipads are being used. All at the same time. Is it any wonder your energy bill is through the roof? But you can change all that with these simple solutions.

Turn Those Lights Out!

That is definitely a major message we want you to take away from this article. When you leave a room turn the lights off. Leaving them on is a waste you do not want to pay for. We do not recommend turning off hall lights. Dimly lit places can dampen your mood but do consider whether you need them on through the day. Also, if you are going out remember to switch everything off before you go.

Do not go overboard with this idea. Remember that if a plug is switched off then there is no need to unplug all devices.

Long Showers?

Is there someone in your family who spends their life in the bathroom. Then you may want to think about adding an additional water supply to your home. Companies like The Water Tank Factory offer brilliant systems at affordable prices. These can be used to collect and store rainwater. At least then if they are using a lot of water all you need to worry about is how much it will cost to keep hot.

Here is a tip for reducing your hot water cost. Phase out hot showers. The way to do this is to start exercising in the morning. Work up a sweat and then head into the shower. Your body will crave a cool, refreshing bath. It will invigorate your body and wake up your mind for the day.

Let The Sun Shine

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You may have noticed funny flat, black dishes appearing on people’s roofs in your area. These are solar panels. A rather expensive investment that people hope will pay off eventually. However, whether they do will depend on your local climate. Remember, we may be in for a fantastic summer. But that does not mean the sun will come out next year. If you live in a tropical country, this may be the perfect way to reduce costs. But if you live in a place where the typical forecast is rain and lots of it, perhaps not. Just wait though, home wind farms may be next.

Shut Those Doors

Assuming it is not the middle of summer keep your doors closed. This will keep the heat in for longer and lead to a warmer house in general. You will be less inclined to turn the heating on in the first place. You can also think about improving your insulation.

We know some of these seem small and insignificant. But little fixes will help. One last tip. Do not unplug a device before it is completely charged. If you do, you are wasting more energy than necessary.

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